Makan galore!

Like most Singaporeans, I measure out my life — not by coffee spoons — but by the differents meals and types of cooking that are mine to enjoy.

A recent week-end in June saw me gorging on three such memorable meals stacked end to end (save for a break of a simple in-between lunch). My cup again overfloweth, this time with the sheer amount of good food –more so, because it was the sort of food I always enjoy! 😆

What linked these three ambrosaic meals — besides the timing — was that they were hosted by family or very close friends in surroundings that are homely, familiar and always nostalgic.

The first at my sister’s home was on the afternoon of the dumpling festival, June 23. As always, her home serves robust overtly Cantonese home-cooked food. Quick-boiled chicken, lettuce, stir fried veggies, and the ubiquitous stall-bought siew-yoke which is de rigeuer for the ancestor worship that marks each major festival on the Chinese calendar.

That same evening, I was LW’s guest along with the usual suspects at Lai Wah in Bendemeer Road, again an overtly Cantonese restaurant. LW pulled out all stops and we had a baby suckling pig, garoupa cooked in two styles and Cantonese sharksfin soup (which unlike the Teochew or Hokkein version doesn’t come in combs) served with crab meat.

A veggie, Korean shoju (the latter courtesy of CK) and a dessert of red bean lotus soup rounded off the meal nicely.

The next day, my stomach took a much needed rest at lunch time be4 my entire family went off to join an older brother (Number 2 in my generation) and all the various branches of the Tan Clan, in laws and “out-laws”  included, to celebrate his 70th birthday and the arrival of his 6th grand-child!

KP held it at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. We had a private dining room and enjoyed a robust and eclectic buffet that married the best of East and West! Mum even ate four slices of cake, according to her minder, Picky!

As for me, I started with marinaded jelly fish and smoked salmon and never looked anywhere else for long other than the buffet table.

Brother-in-law’s robust cooking

Cantonese style sharksfin soup with crab meat

Bi-polar garoupa 😀

This little piggy went to Lai Wah n never got home 🙄

Going for the kill at a birthday party! 😆


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