Chair yoga’s makan yoga

When I first joined the chair yoga sessions at Kampung Glam Community Club back in early 2010, at the urging of KY, an ex-colleague, little did I expect that there would be food involved as well.

As it has turned out, there’s certainly food involved so much so that I shall call it makan yoga!

There had been a BBQ at PC and KC’s condo in Burlington Square; a hot pot dinner at Tan Quee Lan Street and a lo hei right in the heart of the Kg Glam CC.

The latest makan yoga session was conducted in PT’s home, somewhere near Mandai. PT, as stated in a previous post on my chair yoga kakis, is our regular provider of cakes and cookies. Not shop bought but all lovingly made by her own hands, in her own kitchen. Cup cakes, tarts, whole cakes — you name it, PT’s made it :-D!

Last Friday, she made popiah using a special recipe for the filling that comprised cabbage, bamboo, bangkwang and French beans all cooked in essence of prawn shell and heads. Again, not shop bought, but painstakingly extracted by hers truly!

The garnishing was simple but “cheng”: steamed prawns sliced in half; lettuce and Chinese parsley. Fresh pounded chilli and garlic. 

The requisite egg wasn’t hard-boiled or made into an omelette roll. Instead, it was made into a thin crepe that served as the lining support for the popiah skin — which was itself a novelty.

Most popiah parties I’d been to used skin from the famous Havelock Road or Joo Chiat Road hawkers. Not PT’s. She opted for Tee Yih Jiah popiah skin because they remained fresh even at room temperature unlike the hawker variety which needed a constant damp cloth covering them or they would dry up or be stuck together.

PT’s recipe delivered popiah that’s tasty, light and refreshing, so that one could pig out without feeling bloated! And yes, the TYJ skins were soft and pliable throughout, without need of a damp cloth!

Besides popiah, we were served satay and the most unexpected dish: a nasi ulam, made flavorful by fresh herbs from PT’s garden. The feast was rounded off by a sinfully rich pumpkin custard pudding and every kind of delicious tarts — again all home-made yet of a quality that could give tough competition to any of the better known cake shops in town. PC’s mixed fruit box contrasted nicely with the rich ending and made us believe that we didn’t really pig out 🙄

Below is a selection of the food pix to commemorate the gathering. For those who want to find out more about the makan yoga sessions should follow the links, especially the good People’s Association (under whose auspices our chair yoga classes are held). Hopefully the info provided would make it unnecessary for PA to send poll takers to our group anyway, to find out if we are “bonding” well 😆

my popiah in the making

Fruits n pumpkin pudding

more tarts!

a handful of tarts with different fillings

nasi ulam to die for!


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