Sam co-incidence?

Two young Singapore women have been making news in and outside of cyberspace this month. But their similarity doesn’t end there.

Believe it or not, both are named Samantha 🙄

The first, Samantha Lo, is suspected to be the dispenser behind innumerable stickers on buttons that pedestrians can press to get traffic lights to change in their favour. She is similarly suspected to be the artist who stencil-painted roads and buildings with Singlish phrases such as “your grandfather road”.

She’s been arrested and released on bail but so far not charged.

The second, Samantha Francis, has just lost her job as a content producer of Singapore’s citizen journalism website Stomp because she pinched a photo from the Net and had initially claimed that she took it showing an SMRT train moving with one door open.
Following investigations by Singapore Press Holdingswhich owns Stomp, she admitted that she had taken the image from a post on social networking site Twitter.
Bad enough for a professional to nick someone else’s work. Worse, when the pix is a fake. 😦

So far, she hasn’t been accused of mischief.

Now is it a co-incidence or is there a pattern that young women named Samantha have a propensity to make headlines for all the wrong reasons?

If the latter, new parents of daughters had better reconsider if they are planning to name the bundle that the stork delivered Samantha! 😆


3 thoughts on “Sam co-incidence?

  1. In a sick society, most become sick no matter their names.

    Some are sick for a purpose and others with motives. though
    there were/are also those knocked mentally and spiritually out
    of balance by the prevailing culture they are in.
    …. clowning around, principal/teachers
    fooling around. Top executives both male
    and female sleeping around and students
    badly influenced by their elders and leaders.

    Me happens to be born at a time when Ah Thea, Ah Kow, Ah
    Gu, Ah Lian, Ah Huay etc. Though most were not or less
    educated, they did have more propriety than the modern

    The Present Generations must have been badly brought up,
    misled or wrongly educated. Many reasons, poor upbringing
    must be the mother of all the reasons, me thinks.


  2. Uncle P: now giving yrself a new nik? Anyway, have edited yr comment. Also, in your days, your elders probably thought yr generation was going to the dogs, just like we are saying the younger ones are headed the same way. Things will never change 😀

  3. Thank You Auntielucia for publishing my
    posting, a little cut(deletion) here is like
    giving me discount. As the host, You have
    all the prerogative and discretion me has
    to respect.

    Me a seasonal man, so changes nick to
    suit the occasion.

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