Champagne surprise :lol:

Waking up to this!

Saturday morning of June 16, as soon as I switched on my mobile, after having the mobile switch me on for the day — my mobile is my alarm clock — I got a text instantly.

“Can I come by around 9am to drop something?” It was from an ex-colleague where for ease of ref we shall call OCBC-Q. (It’s my privilege or my burden to know many surnamed Q 🙄 )

Not sure I would be ready for a guest within half an hour of my waking but it’s churlish to say “no”, so I said OK.

Q text again: “Y didn’t you ask what I’m dropping?”

Me: “What?”

Q: “Not telling..”

I thought: I don’t need this sort of game so early in the morning. So ignored the provocation by not replying.

I was still not quite ready to face the world when the next message came.

“Come down now. Turning into driveway.”


I asked mum’s Picky to go downstairs instead, since having worked with us so long, she knows all those who are old enough friends to drop by with little notice or ceremony.

Within minutes Picky returned, grinning a bit sadistically.

“Uncle Q asked you to go down…”

When I was younger and friends were as easy to come by as a Singapore Pools outlet, I would at such further provocation have stood my ground and not go down. Let the other party playing this game come to heel or we’d end our friendship.

But now that I’m older and wiser and treasure old friends more than ever, I usually humour the other party, even if at times I feel like wringing their neck.

So, I went downstairs, still half-asleep.

“Ta, ta, ta,” said Q, triumphantly and, getting out of his car, thrust a bottle of champagne into my hands.

“Oh, oh, thank you. What’s this for?”

“I went to a Vinum dinner last night,” he replied.

“You won this in the lucky draw?”

“They don’t have lucky draws at Vinum dinners,” Q said, sternly. “There was a wine sale and I bought some Paillard champagne. Thought I should give you a bottle, since you like champagne.”

Right you are, thank you, thank you!

Well worth letting the world — ok, an old friend — see me with an unmade up face. 🙄

And most certainly a pleasant surprise gift so early in the morning. Wish it happens every Saturday! Now, it would be perfect if someone else would turn up with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, my personal favourite bubbly! I’m that greedy!


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