Your grandfather table?

her grandfather table 😆 😆

Well, with some much hoo-hah over someone painting some roads in Singapore with the words “My grandfather road” et al, I came across one woman and her young daughter/charge who behaved as though a row of tables in a food court was her grandfather’s!

Yesterday afternoon, mum, me, my sister D, her helper E and mum’s Picky went to Bugis Junction’s basement 1 to eat lunch at Punggol Nasi Padang.

B1 “food court” as everyone knows has several cafes, most with its own dedicated seating area and woe betide the hapless customer who wanders into a seating area with food from a rival cafe 😥

So, my group was quite surprised by this woman and her young daughter sitting in the innermost row of 3 tables belonging to Punggol (six seats in all) facing the Korean finger food stall. Their backs faced the nasi padang customers; they had no food or drinks; the woman was continuously on her mobile while her child was drawing or colouring sheets of paper.

Between them, they had taken up two of the three tables and altho four seats were unoccupied, it was damn difficult to access them, given the tight space and only one vacant table space.

Actually, three young adults did try, squeezing into the vacant seats with their lunch but because the woman made no move to vacate the tables they were occupying, they beat a hasty retreat once other tables became vacant!

The woman just continued on her mobile and her child her drawing…

I remarked about the “phenomenon” in loud Chinese. My sister told me to mind my own business. My mum said perhaps the lady was waiting for friends.

“Come on, mum,” I said. “She’s here be4 us and we are about to finish.. she’s still here..”

We finished and left.

But I continue to wonder at the tolerance of the people who run Punggol. I wonder at the temerity,selfishness of the woman. I wonder if she’s local or foreign. Perhaps she’s indeed waiting for someone. Perhaps she’s a regular big-spender customer. Or perhaps it’s really her grandfather table 😆 😆


8 thoughts on “Your grandfather table?

  1. Once, many moons ago, I was having lunch at the Amara food court. I chanced upon a big table which can sit 6 people or more and there were two ladies occupying it. I asked whether those seats are taken, and one of them told me yes. I then found a seat across from where they were. All the while I looked at them, while eating my lunch, to see their friends showing up, but no. None did. They were also busy eating and talking to each other without looking out for their friends. After I finished my lunch, I walked to her and told her in the face “It’s not nice telling lies”, and walked away.

  2. Haha, Uncle A! Many times I want to do what u did but am always too much of a coward to put thought into action. Now, with the recent beating up of the cleaner auntie in Tampines (story all over the net) and one told to me by friends abt a similar episode (loud scolding only) in Takashimaya’s basement food court on Weds, I better heed my sister’s advice: just mind my own business 🙄

  3. There was an old Chinese couple(husband/wife), well educated and held teaching posts before retirement, who are regular patrons at Tampines Round Market. Anyone who approached them to inquire if anyone is going to join them at the table with empty seats will be told that there are. However, after they took their time to enjoy their meals, they left with no one seated with them.

    Sinkies are becoming more selfish and obnoxious.


  4. Auntielucia;

    do come to the Tampines Round Market for a change,
    long queue here for noodle at four popular stall, reasonable
    price, taste quite good.
    There is also another stall at Blk 824(Habibie Coffee Shop)
    which I readily recommend to anyone who loves ‘bak kut mee’
    (pork rib noodle), prepare to queue though.
    Avoid weekends too, always out of parking lots.


  5. Thanks Uncle P: don’t like/go to places where I’ve to queue unless it’s imperative, like medical appointments, dealings with govt agencies. So I wld give the Tampines what’s it a miss 😆

    Also thanks for the heads-up on the TV program but at that time I’m following a Korean comedy called Baby Face Beauty on Ch 111.

  6. Good food is always worth the trouble,
    especially if it is below $5.00. However,
    dont force yourself.
    Enjoy the Baby Face Beauty.

    Me loves baby too, though not the
    grown-up type. He/She loses all
    the charms of innocence and


  7. Uncle P, I like cheap n good food much like everyone else but not when it means time, distance and trouble (eg queueing n crowds) involved! 😀

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