We are 16, going on 17…

…fat hope! More like, we are XO, going on YO 😆

Ever since our July 2011 jamboree when the ex-IJ (Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus) form-mates of my era met for our significant reunion, we’ve instituted a quarterly get-together, besides a side-trip to Melaka.

To reminisce, catch up, gossip, eat and perhaps re-kindle old friendships that belonged to another age, another life-time.

How successful or un these efforts will prove to be only time will tell. We’ve had two  three feed fests so far, one at the Concorde Hotel on Orchard Road and the remaining two at Penang Place @ Fusionpolis. PP offers g00d food @ decent prices and as far as I know, the only place in SG for real lor bak.

My only regret is that none of us “gals” have done anything so headline grabbing as Teo Soh Lung — she of the Marxist conspiracy fame. Otherwise, we could live forever on stories of our experience, which for most of us are confined strictly to our somewhat uneventful lives.

Wonder why none of us ever got involved? Weren’t all of us being ex-IJ, believers or not, heavily influenced by the Catholic Church? And wasn’t the Marxist conspiracy supposed to be related to liberation theology which back in 1987 was all the rage from South America to the Philippines and everywhere in between  that boasted of nuns and priests of “conscience”? 😆

Poor me! If I had been somehow smart enough to get involved, I would in my middle age be feted by all and sundry — in SG and further — wanting to know what happened behind the gates on Whitley Road? An assured life-long ticket to be GOH for all occasions for the rest of my life!

Instead, my contribution to most conversations in company is invariably domestic or food related. 😥

I envy Teo Soh Lung. Really, really! Wonder how many of my ex-form mates do?

We’ve no headline stories to tell

ex-IJers who lunch


2 thoughts on “We are 16, going on 17…

  1. Auntielucia and Co;

    it is never too late for anyone to grab the headline.
    However, grabbing it for the right cause and reason
    maybe challenging.

    Fame and infamy do yield similar result. In fact,
    there are more people who know about Hitler of Nazi
    Germany than people who know Mother Theresa at

    As for Singaporean, no matter how big a news one
    creates or had created, it is oni good within 700 sq
    kilometres and probably last for a decade or two,
    even for the most ‘famous’. So, no big deal la.


  2. Haha, Uncle P: I meant it tongue in cheek lah… a few years or months in ISD custody, a life-time of fame among the liberals and a footnote in the history of SG. Fair deal or not? 🙄

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