When shall we three meet again?

B-D Trio

… in thunder, lightning or in rain…?

When the hurlyburly’s done,
 When the battle’s lost and won….

Well, the Hougang battle’s been lost by the PAP and won by the Workers Party. I don’t know when there will be a reprise of the May 26 joust. Perhaps the next general election?

But I know when we three B-D gals would meet again. Soon.

For our next birthday month of May, when our joint celebration is held again, there won’t be the background excitement of a rare Singapore experience — a by-election to add oomph and bite to our always delicious dinner cooked every year without fail by the delectable HWSNBN.

Last night’s dinner was therefore extra-special.

And if DPM Teo Chee Hean had been a fly on the wall of where we had our dinner, he won’t be so confident  in his words “the elections in Hougang is quite special, as Hougang is not representative of the whole of Singapore necessarily. Because each constituency is different, and Hougang has its own characteristics..

This is because of the 7 of us at our wine-dine-whine din-din, there was only one person rooting for the PAP.

OK, one of those present is a Hongkonger who dropped into SG for a quick visit. So he didn’t count.

The remaining six are all Singaporeans, all having the vote, provided where they live won’t have a walkover at the next GE. And I’m sure that walkovers are likely to be a thing of the past!

Three live in the East Coast, two in the Orchard Road area and one right in the City Centre — their votes would count in the Marine Parade, Tanjong Pagar and Moulmein-Kallang GRCs. Only one of these six were sad that the PAP lost on Saturday!

I’m not saying that the outlier is me or it’s not me.

What I would confess to is that I was dead wrong about the PAP’s prospects in Hougang. Which shows the strong pulling power of the WP, the strong turn off that has become the PAP or a combi of both.

Meanwhile, it was a delightful dinner, with two vintage white wines and a bottle of Moet & Chandon, which weren’t a lot split among 7 hearty eaters 😆

Palate refreshener: sorbet & jelly

Chikx galore! Stuffed with cheese n herbs

refreshing fruit-trio n veggie salad

Home-made siu-yoke, better than Wah Lok

Fruit flan from Fullerton Hotel


13 thoughts on “When shall we three meet again?

  1. Happy birthday 🙂

    I found Fragments and it made me smile. Just like how the results does to me.

  2. Hi Auntie Lucia

    Sorry, me not well informed. Which one is you ah?

    Of course you were wrong about Hougang! Until trains break down less often. Until immigration figures come down more. Until you don’t see so many poor old folks working their butts out. Until homes are well within reach of everybody (including middle classes)…come 2016 the picture would not be pretty for the PAP.

  3. Hi;

    Happy Birthdays to All the Birthday Girls!

    Age does make humans wise, celebrating different(chronological) birthdays together surely makes the Occasion merrier, saves time and money too!

    Believes You are fine with the Inaccurate Forecast(HG BE) and You should be. Me has been punting for decades and not shy to say, had ever been accurate. Unlike me, You made no loss.
    In fact, me just cannot helped feeling that your mistake(prediction) might had added much fun to the Celebration of Birthdays!

    Come 2015/16 and me am sure You will be much more accurate at reading Sin(politics and all)


  4. I just want to say the three birthday gals look so smashingly good in the picture!!! and as usual, HWSNBN cooked an excellent meal, far more superior than any I have eaten at even famous restaurants. Sigh! What a talent !

  5. Hi Uncle Ashton: Me not telling but the names on the cake would give u a clue. They are in order of appearance 😉

    As for the PAP and WP: guess we all had better be future prepared. After all, it’s happened to the Kuomintang, the LDP, even the Congress Party. Our turn wld surely come but probably only after Malaysia has gone over to Opposition rule? 🙄

  6. Uncle Patriot: Thanks for good wishes! Never mind abt my forecasts! So long as the majority of Hougang people got what they want! As for celebrating b-days together: u are right; we’ve been doing this for several years already! But doubt that our celebrations in May 2015/16/17 would co-incide with the GE to give us the extra background excitement! 😆

  7. If I may say so, L-Beetroot, it’s your photographic skills! Why HWSNBN cooks well: it’s because he cooks with love, as I’ve said in an earlier post. Incidentally, our HK friend thought it’s HWSNBN’s birthday! 😆

  8. Hiya Pei, those were the glory days of HTML, javascript and hard coding. Who needs them nowadays when there r templates galore that allow even dummies to customise? 🙄

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