Poor Png, poor WP, you will lose…

…. Hougang. And on my birthday too :razz:!

Which is a pity after WP leader Mr Low Thia Khiang had held the ward and SG enthralled for 20 years

I think the success in grabbing the Aljunied GRC and unseating not one but two ministers — plus retaining Hougang, despite Mr Low not being there — might have proven too much for the Workers Party to digest.

Here are the nettles that indicate WP has evolved into something that Mr Low couldn’t grasp:

  • Mr Eric Tan not being given the NCMP seat, despite his far longer service to WP than Mr Gerald Giam. What price loyalty? Are all the WP CEC members equal? Is a party without hierarchy what we want to run SG?
  • The tenuous explanation given concerning Mr Chen Show Mao’s parliamentary speech. (According to Cynical Investor it’s Mr Pritam Singh). Copy and paste may be common practice nowadays but is it OK to do it for a speech to be delivered in the highest place in our country?t
  • The mysterious ousting of Mr Yaw Shin Leong. OK, the official line is that he was a serial philanderer so his “personal indiscretions” weren’t mysterious. But as I’ve stated elsewhere in this blog, I simply don’t buy that as the last straw. Even if it was, where’s the party’s loyalty to him, hey? At least, he’s got enough bigness of heart to send a message to SGreans calling them to support the WP. If I were him, I would say “over my XXXX XXXX!”
  • The equally mysterious antics of long time WP stalwart Poh Lee Guan on nomination day. So, was he on standby or simply nutty?
  • The NCMP taunt to Mr Png Eng Huat. Was it no big deal what he “incorrectly” said? If the minutes weren’t surreptiously released by whatever mole there is/was in WP, would Mr Png have clarified? Still, the use of surreptiously obtained material don’t do the PAP proud either, in my books, even if the text shows at minimum that the Hougang hopeful couldn’t articulate to save himself.  As too Wongs don’t make a White, I wish DPM Teo Chee Hean would give over hectoring Mr Png and the WP on this issue. At minimum, the DPM would inadvertently help WP and Mr Png garner some sympathy votes.

As I dine and wine at the home of HWSNBN this Saturday, I will surreptiously look at my mobile for that text that either confirms or denies my reading of WP’s Hougang chances 😆


10 thoughts on “Poor Png, poor WP, you will lose…

  1. I entirely agree that the DPM should stop making capital on the issue. It demeans him and if anything,will win more sympathy votes for the WP. I also agree wholeheartedly that the flagrant use of material obtained surreptitiously by the PAP have not done them proud. It is in fact counter productive. They have not acquitted themselves well on this…

  2. Peter, thanks for dropping by. Haha, I should quote Jaimie Dimon of JP Morgan and say it’s a “tempest in a t-cup”.

    But Png EH should have been glib-toungue enough to reply to the NCMP taunt with”WP saves the best for last” 😆 or something like that than give a how-lian explanation to CNA & ST.

    Still, I don’t think PAP is doing itself any favour by repeatedly going to town based on evidence (genuine) which came from a dubious source and which must have been obtained by said source in dubious circumstances. The PAP should minimally show some magnanimity in this instance.

  3. I think not. PM called for the election at the wrong time – COI on the mrt breakdowns (so still fresh in many memories); the Ferrari anti-foreigners issue; high inflation; etc. All these got bearings, you know.

  4. Hi Uncle A! U r right abt the COI: revelations are both astounding n astonishing n make me think of MAS acronymn SGreans used on Malaysia — mana ada system. SMRT revelations are proving SG is no better. But will that derail PAP’s Hougang chances? I believe the Hougang gang is tired of being other citizens’ proxy to whack the PAP. Also if the best of the best in PAP has made such a hash of SMRT, can anyone in the Opposition do better? 😥

  5. Choosing Gerald over Eric was simply a strategic decision on the part of the WP CEC. It has nothing to do with loyalty and long term service. It has more to do with “blooding new warriors” and leadership renewal. This was the only way the WP could give Gerald his baptism of fire in Parliament – and the WP might not get a 2nd chance at that. Giving it to Eric would be wasting a good opportunity. For Png to even respond to that was a serious tactical error, he should have just brushed it off and let his party answer to that. After all, whether he was the best candidate for Hougang is something for his party to explain / answer, and for the voters of Hougang to decide.

  6. Hi Uncle Xizor2000: u r right in everything, including Ah Huat’s response to DPM Teo’s taunt. Like I said elsehwhere, he cld have said the WP “saved the best for last” 😆 😆

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