Racist or sexist or whatever?

An hour ago, I was heading home along Serangoon Road, after having made a mad dash to Fairprice in City Square to load up on some groceries that we had run out of without noticing.

What I noticed after I filtered my car into the middle lane of Serangoon Road  was a red Trans Cab behind me. As the traffic was going dead slow, I also noticed a large Indian man standing outside the temple near the Shell petrol kiosk.

He was waving frantically at the Trans Cab.

Since we hadn’t passed the temple yet and the left-most lane (the bus lane) was free of any vehicles, I had expected the Trans Cab — I could see from my rear-view mirror the taxi had green scrolling numbers on its roof availability indicator — to cut out and take the passenger.

But no. The would-be passenger was left waving to no avail on the kerb while th cab trailed behind me.

Yet a couple of minutes later, after having passed the Shell kiosk, the Trans Cab actually filtered off into the bus lane (nothing wrong with that as it’s a Saturday afternoon). I thought he got pissed off trailing me, as I kept a discreet distance behind the vehicle in front of me, in a long line of slow moving traffic.

Then I saw. Not what I thought. The driver actually went into the empty bus lane to pick up a passenger at the kerb. At least that’s what I assumed the young thing in a short dress was.

I drove on pondering.

If that woman was a passenger, was the Trans Cab driver being racist or sexist or both? To ignore a male Indian fare and pick up a non-Indian female fare….

Since i couldn’t read his mind, I think I would give him the benefit of “whatever”. 

After all, the young Chinese/Vietnamese/Korean/Japanese young lady could have been a friend, a family member, an acquaintance or a regular passsenger.

Who knows? Only the Trans Cab driver does 🙄


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