Eating with friends…

Thanks to Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Chan Chun Sing’s infamous* — though unintended — endorsement of the XO sauce fried carrot cake served by Peach Garden, KL and his squeeze PL were max interested to try out the aforementioned chye tow kuay.

Although I’ve eaten countless meals served by Peach Garden since Veronica and Angela started the restaurant — I’ve never paid for food from the place with my own $ till the Feb18 visit — I don’t remember ever eating its XO sauce chye tow kuay.

Perhaps it was on the table when I ate the food served by Peach Garden but I’m not a chye tow kuay fan and that could explain why I never noticed it.

Anyways. On Feb 18, five of us — six originally but became 5 because one of us couldn’t get up early enough for the noon appointment — trooped to the Novena Gardens branch to eat, socialise and pass our verdict on the XO sauce CTK.

I wasn’t impressed, esp when it cost $10 a plate (see pix below) be4 service and GST. I preferred the egg, spring onion and bean sprout that was part of the garnish. The worst disappointment however was when we tried to order my remembered fav from Peach Garden: thick beehoon with fish slices in sharks bone soup.

The first waiter couldn’t understand me when I spoke to him in Cantonese; we assumed for no rhyme or reason that he was Vietnamese. Another came and seemed confident about what I wanted. When the first wait returned with the dish, he was Chinese all right, except that he spoke Mandarin, not dialect. And no, the beehoon sharks bone soup dish wasn’t anything like what i remembered. Just braised beehoon with fish slices 😦

That serving for five cost $36++ 🙄

not worth $10++ especially for me 🙄

Still, the Peach Garden get-together wasn’t so much about food — the only thing special about the place was the high prices as compared to say Old Hongkong and the various Crystal Jades which serve similar food — but about meeting up with ex-colleagues and friends to catch up in person instead of via the Internet or texting!

By contrast, 2 recent meals I had at a new/old friend’s home was everything to write home about — even though on the first visit, I couldn’t eat the main course  which was very good smoked duck from Hua Ting (I think). The dish looked good but I’m not into duck! 😳

That apart, every dish served was well thought out and executed and by and large, something I had never eaten be4, thus creating the wow effect on me, the guest!

My new/old friend PH had a similar work background as me, at least initially. I met her all of one time in another life-time but have continued to hear snippets about her from various overlapping friends for decades.

I saw her again when i went to the wake of a mutual friend’s husband a few years ago. Then we lost touch once more.  But last October when my mum had a bad fall, PH reappeared in my life via the Internet — and offered me exactly the sort of help I needed!

She shared with me her vast experience in caring for her super-elderly mum. Better still, she shared with me the Handout – Polly’s Glyconutrient Recipe for assembling the 8 essential sugars in our diets at a fraction of the shop price.

Since then, mum and I have been taking small quantities of these glyconutrients in our food and drinks (once a day in either food or drink lah! as we don’t want to OD). Whether we are having the placebo effect or not, I can’t tell but we certainly feel good about ourselves, especially my mum! And I’ve been sharing the glyconutrient recipe with anyone who wants it!

But back to the superb meals I had at PH’s cosily stylish home. I enjoyed the cauliflower cutlets and the crunchy guava salad with its tangy clear taste on the first date. The smoked duck I left to the other guests to enjoy. We started the first meal with blended spinach soup and finished with Korean strawberries and  fresh black currants.

The second meal saw the introduction of an interesting Persian onion soup made with fenugreek and a Mediterranean bean medley that set my taste buds singing. Then there was tofu and roast chicken drumstix.

And of course followed by a few rounds of games, namely Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan and Rummikub. I won in the first two games and didn’t finish last in the third. It was certainly beginner’s luck because last night when I went for dins and games again, I was consistently last. 😥

1st visit to PH: Could have sworn it was meat -but it was cauliflower!

Something sunripe, perhaps peppers. Delicious!

I ducked this 🙄

Super yummy Persian onion soup that kicked off 2nd visit

Mediterranean beans medly

roasted chik drumsticks glistening with goodness

*Acting MCYS Minister Chan Chun Sing  waxing lyrical in the January 2012 debate on the recommendations for political pay said:”Money should not be the one (factor) to attract them (would be politicians) in. On the other hand, money should also not be the bugbear to deter them.

“(For example,) you go to Peach Garden, you eat the S$10 XO Sauce chye tow kuay (fried carrot cake), you can be quite happy right? Because you are satisfied with the service and so on. On the other hand, you can go to a hawker centre, even if they charge you S$1.50, you might not want to eat it if the quality is not good.”


2 thoughts on “Eating with friends…

  1. CTK is best fried hawker stall way, you know not exactly pleasing to watch. Better if you get choice of white or black. $1.50? Where’s he been all these years?

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