3 men & one bathroom ceiling!

Talk about productivity!

As i write this, I’m keeping my beady eyes on three hefty men from the Indian sub-continent painting the ceiling of a 2m by 2.5m bathroom in my home.

This event is the result of a major leak from the upstairs unit’s bathroom which badly ruined a corner of my bathroom ceiling.

The owner upstairs arranged for a water proofing specialist to do the necessary repairs at his (the owner’s, not the water specialist’s 😆 ) own expense! And my reward for having a corner of my b-ceiling ruined is to have it given a brand new coat of paint all over, not just the corner.

I had expected one painter to turn up.

But no! It was a crew of three! Each doing a bit of the work, which included taking copious numbers of pix on a digicam, of the said ceiling.

Another did some plastering as well as poked his head threw the opening in the ceiling to check or to inject sealant into whatever.

The third brought in a can of paint and was tasked to do the paint-work.

And it took 1 hr and 10 minutes to complete the work; or 3.5 manhours worth of work! How to improve productvity like this? 🙄


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