Budget 2012: my mum’s been excluded…

… at least from the GST voucher, thanks to her living with me! I happen to live in a large though very run down apartment that for some strange reason the property tax folks deem to have a huge annual rental value for calculating property tax.

It disappoints me that the Government with its large and comprehensive database can’t sieve out the nil-asset owning, nil-income generating dependents from the person who owns the home and then give the dependents a share of this particular budget goodie.

This is especially when Budget 2012 is supposed to be inclusive and particularly elderly friendly and my mum is — I’m so blessed — 86 going on 87.

Which brings me to the $120 grant for seniors who aren’t able to cope by themselves. Based on the criteria as spelt out in the Straits Times, my mum probably won’t qualify for this either.

She can still feed herself, brush her teeth and use the toilet on her own — never mind that she only fulfils these tasks with much prompting.

And she can’t shower herself, even with much prompting, as her mind can’t process what must be done with the water and the soap after she’s undressed. Also, as she hangs for dear life with both hands on the grab bar to support her wobbly legs, how could she soap or rinse herself?

Furthermore, she’s been on Arricept, Exsalon and now Mermentine for close to six years — and that as any geriatrician would tell you ain’t meant to increase her appetite. 😆

Perhaps she will benefit from the lifting of Medishield coverage from 85 to 90? But since she’s been booted out in 2010 when she turned 85 — what a nasty birthday present! — would she be invited to rejoin now she’s 2 months short of 87?

Or would she be asked to pay up for the two years she was without coverage in order to get back into the plan? If the latter, then I will say thanks but no thanks as it wasn’t her wish to get off Medishield in the first place. She was pushed out as she had reached the age limit of Medishield then.

I look forward to learning more from the upcoming Budget debate where exactly my mother stands in the latest “bonanza” for the elderly and then decide if the Budget has been that inclusive after all — at least where my mum’s concerned!


8 thoughts on “Budget 2012: my mum’s been excluded…

  1. Wow!

    me did not know that Medishield was lifted(removed)
    for those above 85 years old.

    Am i having the right interpretation?


  2. Auntielucia;

    “Perhaps she will benefit from the lifting of Medishield coverage from 85 to 90?”, unquote

    My next question is not meant for You to answer. However, if You do have the understanding, do help to enlighten me. My dear mother is 96 going 97 and from the Above-mentioned Quote, does it mean that those over 90 years old are re-instated with Medishield as it was compulsory unless one opts out?

    Anyway to have the Medishield Coverage removed from those reaching 85 years old, simply goes to show that our rulers are just too uncaring and callous.


  3. Hi Auntie Lucia

    suggest that you get a health certification on the onset of dementia etc which should assist in getting the small monthly grant


  4. Tks Uncle Wang. I’ll check with her specialist the next time we see her on the procedure to be “certified”. Still the $120 grant while small cld be given to her helper as an extra or whatever… we will see…:D!

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