Suckered again by TOTO

The last time I succumbed to TOTO was sometime in July 2010 when the pot was $10 million!

Well, guess a sucker never learns.

A few days ago I read on Kevin Lim’s Face Book post that there would be a $10 million pot again for TOTO on Feb 3.

And as luck would have it, I passed a Singapore Pools kiosk when I was at Great World City to do some essential grocery shopping yesterday Feb 3. And as the queue was less than half a dozen, I thought I might as well buy a ticket too.

As it’s been more than a year that I made my last TOTO venture, I had quite forgotten what was involved apart from having to plonk down some $.

I latched on to one of those filling up their forms to ask. The auntie patiently explained that I must invest a minimum of $1 and select two sets of 6 numbers.

So I did, with her help, in marking the titchy oblong boxes.

The cashier was all smiles when I presented her with $1 and the completed form. I felt lucky and thought I was on the road to a half GCB!

I had picked  2, 3, 5 12, 20 33 and 2, 3, 5, 12, 20, 44 :((((

Toto Results
Feb 03, 2012 (Fri)
Numbers: 3 19 21 27 33 34
Additional: 8

Another blankety-blank one buck down the drain. 🙄


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