I was so mean today…

OK, my usual friendly-critics would say: Waddya mean by “today”? Thought that’s second nature 🙄

But seriously, today I was at the Kwan Im Hood Cho Temple in Waterloo Street near lunch time and braved the hordes who also came to visit the temple.

As is my usual practice, after my visit I give a very little something to the small handful of tissue sellers usually milling around.

And as usual, there are also “legit” solicitors for donation for this or that organised charity. And invariably I want to tell them that it may be better if they help those who are obviously down-n-out and needy right be4 their eyes than to boost some cause where the beneficiary is usually anonymous to both “solicitors” and donors.

And up to before today, I had always managed to supress my urge to volunteer this bit a gratuitous advice.

Alas, I don’t know what got into me. Perhaps I found the uncle who asked me for a donation for sick children irritating. Perhaps I was feeling spiteful. Whatever!

Like a channeler I found myself unable to stop myself from responding to his plea with “Uncle, look around you! There are plenty of people needing immediate charity.”

The poor man must have been somewhat taken aback but he managed to shoot back: “But these children also need your charity.”

I just smiled and thanked him. And walked away, mentally berating myself for being so mean as to deliver such a cheap and pointless shot. 😦

Resolution for the rest of the year: Have better over control my tongue!

7 thoughts on “I was so mean today…

  1. Auntielucia;

    A Happy and Healthy Chinese New Year to You and All.

    Me thinks You did fine to tell off the Uncle, we do have
    too many begging on behalf of the helpless and needies.
    Worse is that it is very difficult to distinguish fakes from
    bona-fide charity workers.

    There were many times that me called on others to refrain
    donating money to charities or so-called Voluntary Welfare
    Organizations. For such entities, it is good to donate food,
    clothing and other useful items BUT, NEVER MONEY. Money
    not only breeds greed, it causes crimes and sometimes
    homicides too. It is right and wise to donate and give directly
    to those who need helps.

    By the way, it had boggled me for a long time wondering if
    our First World State has the MOST Charity Drives and
    Organizations in the World. Even our highest paid politicians
    are begging on behalf of the downtrodden. Something
    somewhere must have gone awry with the way the State is
    run! Do You concur, Auntielucia?


  2. Unlce Patriot, I’ve no quarrels with organised charities or charities supported by the Govt, president or whatsoever. I’m sometimes a bit sceptical when I see big name donations to already popular charities but then it’s probably because I can’t seem to get any traction for my fav organised charity Breadline. That’s envy u see. For the rest, I just do my own thing, occasionally think nasty thoughts abt others (charity solicitors and donors) and once in a rare moment give vent to those nasty thoughts. Hope this makes clear my stance, at least for u? Have more fish tmr! 😆

  3. Thank You Auntielucia!
    Got your message.
    Will get myself a big
    piece of Cod, my favourite


  4. hehe Auntieluia;

    heard from my amateur Fengshui Sifu that me
    must have Cod
    this year so that i will have plenty of Cash On
    Demand whenever I want for the rest of my living.
    As an atheist, the divination does not influence
    me. So long as me is healthy, me will be happy.

    Here is wishing You Good Health and Good Luck.


  5. Auntielucia;

    me forgot to mention that
    ‘ikan parang'( xi tao yu)
    is traditionally the most
    authentic ‘yusheng’
    The Salmon Fish looks
    colourful and nice,
    however, not my
    choice no matter how it is
    My favourite is COD.


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