Don’t want no discount price Govt!

Thank you!

Judging by the half empty house (based on what’s shown on Channel News Asia) today, the first day of debate on the so-called hot potato Gerard Ee’s pay reduction review, many Members of Parliament may think the same too, hopefully reflecting their constituents’ views!

I am delighted my MP wasn’t present.

I find this constant discussion of pay, discount, benchmarking etc so, so distasteful. Even my mother’s Picky Siti won’t allow continuous discussion of her worth and use to us in $-terms — and she’s a lowly FDW!

I am surprised that no MP has felt insulted enough to tell those baying to pay MPs and Ministers less — a vocal minority surely — to go fly a kite.

I would. But then I’m no MP and have no desire to be — on whichever side of the political divide. 🙄

see, no one's behind him

no one's behind him either!

9 thoughts on “Don’t want no discount price Govt!

  1. Quite sad to see a man’s worth being measured in monetary terms so publicly. Maybe when PM Lee is alone at night with his night cap, he would regretting his decision to come back to Spore when he could have stayed in UK to be a mathematician…lived happily with his first wife…

  2. “I am surprised that no MP has felt insulted enough to tell those baying to pay MPs and Ministers less — a vocal minority surely — to go fly a kite”. Courtesy of Auntielucia.

    ‘a vocal minority surely’, it is actually talk of the town, i mean talks in blogs, kopitiams, markets and well, almost anywhere in Sin even before the Debate started.

    Me shares Your view; yes go fly kite. So long as our political leaders deliver us their talents in whatever competency, honour and integrity, they can pay themselves crazy, who cares!

    We the plebeians only need to be satisfied and happy, that is about all, isn’t it?


  3. Hi Uncles Unbranded, Timothy & Patriot: anwering u collectively.

    1) No certainly not wayang! PM n his PAP r too literal n one-dimensional for their own good. And pse, UU, I allowed u to put yr link in yr comment just this once but no-go in future if u continue to use that horribly insulting epithet on PM in yr blog. U geddit?

    2) If PM were 60 years old at the time he was persuaded to enter politics, he wld know better than to serve — IMHO. But he was young n still uneducated in the ways of the human heart n mind. His bad luck n Sgreans’ good fortune.

    3) Precisely, the yada-yada abt pay has been going on for at least one generation. It has made too many Sgporeans know the price of everything and the value of nothing. And I’m not talking abt the price of good government, but the value of good government. Talk abt graciousness? The way some of us are forcing our leaders to money talk makes the whole country look crass. If even my mother’s maid won’t stand for such nonsense — if we keep throwing up how much she costs us, she wld give us instant notice for sure. How much more the pple who are running our country! 🙄 That they haven’t done so shows that they do love SG — at least much more than their most vocal critics. Don’t believe me? Then compare the individual achievements and potential of each of their vocal critics against those who are in Parliament n in Cabinet and tell me what the score is? That’s why I think Gerard Ee wld have served SGreans better had he been tasked to review the taxi system in SG — at least after that I wld have a decent chance of getting a taxi whenever I need one, which isn’t often, incidentally.

    In the 1980s, SG boasted that our fones work and clean water comes out of our taps. Today, countries of similar standing can boast similar or better. Whereas we now join the dubious queue of countries where their taxi and MRT just creak at the seams. Saaaaad… So let’s stop distracting our leaders. And our leaders shld stop allowing themselves to be distracted by red herrings 😛

  4. Aunt Lucia

    Would differ in that the mechanics and basis makes more sense.
    However, would state and agree that the pay should be high so that there is no excuse for corruption.
    Further, agreed that most important thing is competence to complete the ministry missions to people.

  5. Uncle Wang: the $ and sensible approach taken in Parliament is gr8 for pple who can think straight. Including the WP.

    But the arguments — need for talent, pay competitively etc etc have been stated ad nauseaum yet the vociferous critics remain n will become more so come election time and/or when SG gets into real difficulties. If u donch believe me, go to this link and check a sampling of the cynical remarks even after the exhaustive airing in Parliament earlier this week. 🙄

    So IMHO, it does no good for all to keep responding to basically irrational attitudes re pay for political leadership. Because it’s a circular argument in the end.

    Best to say, we agree to disagree. Draw a line in the sand. And spend the precious time keeping SG from the rocks more fruitfully. Like I said be4, start by improving our sub-par taxi system, for crying out loud. 😛

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