Did Saw see what was coming?

And I don’t mean the headlights of an SMRT train. 🙄

What i mean is the revelation by SMRT chairman, Mr Koh Yong Guan, that on Dec 7 Ms Saw Phaik Hwa, SMRT’s then CEO, had spoken to him about her desire to move on during 2012, after having served nine years.

Mr Koh didn’t say if this was out of the blue or in what context Ms Saw had expressed her desire to go.

What happened in about a week following that conversation is now widely known: SMRT suffered its worst train disruption in its history — on Dec 15 and 17.

I’m really curious.

Saw saw ahead?

Did Ms Saw see what was coming?

What many Singaporeans saw coming however is this: she was going to go sooner or later, after what happened on Dec 15 and 17. 😆

And today she has gone — from the CEO chair at least!

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