3rd World here we come?

I was at Tiong Bahru Plaza earlier this evening and saw a longish queue of peeps at thePOSB/DBS Atms at Basement 1. On the first level, there was an even longer queue at the POSB branch next to Watsons!

My feeling are best summed up by Ms Eileen Yu’s post here

Perhaps the day when some Singaporean women might end up as maids in another country — as once postulated by ex Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew — may not be too far off? I’m not thinking of tomorrow but when those who are babies today are grown?

SMRT, floods in Orchard Road, but worse, the Ministerial pay review committee actually recommending 30 to 50+% pay cuts.

Poor Mr Gerard Ee & Co. Perhaps they think this is what the people of Singapore want. Lower pay for office holders and more transparency in arriving at the numbers.

How wrong can Ee & Co be! As witness the unhappy noises already being made re the cut. I got an email by a respected (I think) member of the bar via a relative which claimed that his toes were laughing (at the cut).

Many Singaporeans are unhappy with the way some things are done in our country; moi included. But unhappiness over ministerial pay — while most easily articulated — isn’t going to be assuaged if other spurs in the system continue to prick and bruise.

Sad. And baaaad…

Because the years of belly acheing over ministerial pay are the symptoms, not the disease.

And that is?

Leaders who instead of leading allow themselves to be swayed by all manners of inane opinion, especially those of the cyber lynch mob. 😦


7 thoughts on “3rd World here we come?

  1. Aunt Lucia


    The key issues were the hubris of prior decisions.

    As the aphorism used by Ngiam Tong Dow is apt:
    Every top dog thinks he is LKY but there is only 1 LKY.

    When socialism in extreme form comes, well, will just have to tell the kids to go elsewhere.


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  3. Uncle Wang: the kids are alredi going elswhere! Mayb even the non-kids r already doing so, as everywhere the fone now works and water comes out of taps etc. SG was unique when it was able to offer such comforts when they were non-existent even in some parts of 1st World. Now we can only boast of a (somewhat) strong Govt. When that strength dissipates thanks to the populist winds of change and SG wealth evaporates too, we won’t be unique any more — for the right reasons. Saddddd…. 😦

  4. Singapore was good, me must say.
    But, other countries are getting more
    attractive by the days.
    What to do? Nature has only endowed
    Sin so much and all are used up.
    Nature cannot do betterer than it’s
    bestest, however Singaporeans are
    cleverer is seeking alternative. So, if
    Sin cannot keep one, one should
    just seek another mah! (‘tze ti bu liu
    ren, zi you liu ren chu).

    Better be maid elsewhere than to
    work at Geylang or starve to death rite?


  5. Uncle Patriot: how come u and Uncle Wang usually comment on political stuff only? I love your Chinese proverb. That can apply to work, relationships and alas even land of one’s birth. Saaaad… 😦

  6. Aunt Lucia

    Only comment on political stuff as disagree with uncle patriot who seems to think there is Utopia elsewhere.
    Frankly, the basic issues remains which is Singapore is a city state and people should consider the city first and best to have alternative retirement plans in view of currency.
    further, uncle patriot only considers what is rightfully his, whilst my net tax dollars to me is negative and would only agree to help those who are in needs not wants.


  7. Hi Auntie Lucia;

    quite astonish that You seemed to have sighed!

    Actually, me should not be commenting on political matters.
    With less than ten years of formal education and struggling
    to stay alive in Sin, me am far from qualified to speak on
    State Affairs. BUT,
    do allow me to relate my living in Sin thus far.

    Me was born to a farming family housed in a thatched and
    bare earth floor wooden shack at the beginning of the 50s.
    My dad cycled about 50 kilometres daily to work as a cement
    mason daily while the rest of the family led by my mother
    worked as farmers in poultry, vegetable and fruit. Life was
    hard, however, there were much joy and happiness. And boy!
    Foods prepared by my mother and elder sister was really
    wonderful. The freshest home produced ingredients plus the
    traditional cooking method passed down for generations
    just made living in the village like heaven. That was during
    and soon after the British Rule.

    Inter-people relationships amongst Singaporeans before
    highrise living were so close whilst the compact modern
    and high tech living in present day dove cages are
    fraught with envy, squabble and friction. Neighbours seem
    to compete for carpark lots, school registration, common
    space usage and littering, almost everything about share
    and care can go awry.

    Lots of feeling, will be too long if i go on, will leave some to
    talk about in future. Just like to summarize that modernization
    of Sin after the Local took over had brought about much woes
    and all it in only about 50 years. Me shudders to think of the


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