2 contrasting meals in one day

Last week, I inviegled AE to take me up to Woodlands to buy more smoked pork knuckles from Wang Foong. Die-die I must eat the stuff again — and AE the good soul not only agreed to drive but also brought along chiller bags with the necessary ice-packs too.

Natch to say, we went a bit crazy and then discovering that Fassler was next door, we loaded up on fresh mushrooms (half the prices charged by Cold Storage downtown or anywhere else for that matter!) plus some fish and sauces!

But that pre-prep food venture isn’t the main course of this post.

Rather, it was the organic vegetarian cafe called Sunny Choice at Rail Mall that AE introduced me to on our way back from Woodies that not only filled my stomach and thrilled my taste buds but also provided a cure for sore eyes. The plating and taste were far superior to my usual hangout Create Healthy Lifestyle at Fortune Centre but with superior prices too!

For example, the ABC juice at Sunny costs $6, compared to $4.50 at Create which I already thot expensive, when at Clementi Mall’s basement juicer, it comes in a larger helping — for all of $3.20.

Sunny’s sushi roll (the standard of most organic veggie joints) costs $6 too, whereas Create charges $3.50. Even at the hoity-toity Sophie’s (4th level, Fortune Centre), it’s only $3.80 — at least it was when I last ate there, mayb two years ago.

Guess the extra is for the sunny ambience of the cafe.

By contrast, the same night I joined my chair yoga mates from Kampung Glam Community Club for a spot of hot pot at House of Hot Pot in Tan Quee Lan Street. The Lim yoga gurus hosted, to celebrate their 20th semester of chair yoga teaching at Kg G.

It was again a meal guaranteed to give vegetarians a nightmare as the plates upon plates of free flow pork, chicken, beef and seafood were delivered to our table. True, there was also plentiful of veggie, seaweed and mushrooms of all variety and hue but as we let the meats and the rabbit food mix in the hot pot brew of tongue tingling tastes, it’s really very hard for even true blue vegetarians to resist.

But resist one young yoga classmate did as she is a full-time vegetarian — unlike me who is vegetarian part-time and erratic! It helped too that the gurus had specially brewed what they called “the soup of love” — a non-meat, non-seafood brew for her to cook the veggie, mushrooms et al in!

Now I can’t think of a day where I ate two meals that are as different as chalk from cheese 😉

most flavorful lei cha fan

tauhu goreng with pumpkin paste

pricey veggie sushi

Hot pot butcher's brew

when veggie meets meat


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