Starting 2012 1st day with simple lunch

My family has few must-keep traditions. And eating lunch together on the first day of the New Year (gregorian) isn’t among the must-keep traditions. Still in recent years with mum’s growing fraility and the evaporation of her independence, there has been an effort for some of us to stay home and eat with her on landmark dates such as today — the start of a new calendar year, as it is unsconscienable to leave her to have only her maid for company at table.

Statistically speaking, given her age she may not be able to enjoy meals on memorable days with her family for many more times. No, I’m not thinking of death but of escalating physical fraility — when good food may have to be minced and mashed into oblivion for it to go down.

So, without more ado, while mum is still eating well and heartily, here is what we had for our simple lunch today.

... followed by pan-fried salmon and ikan batang cubes

starting with five-element soup

...another pork knuckle from Wang Foong with fresh mushrooms

accompanied by stir-fried greens ...

....and mashed corn pancakes, cauliflower & brocoli

I even baked a cake for dessert with the new table oven -- a X'mas pressie

there was also a fresh fruit salad


4 thoughts on “Starting 2012 1st day with simple lunch

  1. Happy new year auntie lucia…..errr, you need to improve on your phototaking or get a better camera. The food don’t look appetising, especially the cake, but I am sure they are.


  2. Happy 2012 to u too Ashton. U r not the 1st n won’t be the last to tell me my mobile fone cam sucks. But what to do? No one has volunteered to get me a new one. 😆

    The cake wasn’t too bad, except those eating it didn’t like the way I substituted the required milk and butter with rice milk n olive oil. I ended up eating 60% of the cake –which I improved with a t-spoon of vodka or Drambuie. For every slice! 😆

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