Presents I will never re-cycle

Most of us would have, some time or other, received gifts that we don’t keep but judiciously pass on to someone else, for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s because we don’t like what we are given. Or we are suddenly given a present and feel the pressure to reciprocate but have nothing on hand other than a present we’ve just received. Or we’ve received so many gifts that we don’t know what to do than to re-distribute some of them.

Someone I know visited my mum when she was recuperating from an operation. The visitor brought along a large bouquet of flowers that had been presented to the visitor by some besotted fans before coming to my home.

Mum and I didn’t mind. My home has never been graced by such a lovely and exotic bouquet, even if it’s second hand!

This said, for myself there are some presents I will never recycle.

First and foremost are gifts in the category as described in this post about the early X’mas presents that came my way.

Shower caps and lemon meringue pies are stuff i will always have room for. Ditto the annual cake and bottle of champers from two good and faithful friends.

Also, the food gifts like those I took away from HWSNBN and QQ-CK’s home after their ritual year-end dinner — this time it was held on Dec 17.

The second category covers gifts of the basic necessity kind, such as rice, soap, shampoo, even tooth paste. However, no one has ever given me any of these, except soap — but they aren’t the Palmolive, Lifebouy or Imperial Leather sort.

Instead, they are the kind brought back from exotic holiday locations by friends and relatives; expensive and sweet smelling and no chance of a repeat order!

A third category belongs to the super expensive class. I mean if someone gave me the Hope diamond, I would never want to recycle it, even if like other inappropriate gifts, I won’t dream of wearing it out — for fear of loss and worse, for fear of attracting harm to myself should I run into robbers while driving around in my battered car at odd hours of the day or nite! 😦

Still, un-recycleable isn’t the same as unconvertible. I could always sell such a present and buy myself a GCB! 😆  What a pity then that no one has ever given me a large diamond, let alone one as large as Hope!

There is a fourth category which is guaranteed un-recycleable. An example of this is the key ring that JL2 presented me with this X’mas; a custom-made key ring with my name on it! All friends of JL2 received the same too and since we share an overlapping circle of friends, that would doubly ensure we won’t be tempted to recycle, even if a couple of us might share the same name 😉

food haul from HWSNBN's lair

my name's on it -- keep forever

champers n choc cake never fail to arrive from 2 friends


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