’tis the season for feasting so far

The 2011 year-end food binge began for me on Nov 28 at an impromptu farewell party hosted by ET at her lovely home in Seletar Hills for Dr MA, a leading geriatrician — the heroine of our school days at the Town Convent or Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, nowadays shortenedd to anonymous initials, IJ.

MA, making her second trip to SG since our July reunion from her home in the United States, had brought along a priest who was hoping to raise funds for a small new order he was trying to set up.

From what I gathered, the fund raising wasn’t particularly successful but that didn’t reflect or dampened our goodwill towards MA, as witnessed by the good turn out at ET’s home.

As always, ET was generous in her hospitality. We had home made popiah and an assortment of other goodies. Note the advent candle — ET said it should have been lit on Nov 27, marking the 1st Sunday of advent but she saved it for our gathering. By now, all four candles would have been lit; MA’s back in her long time home, half a world away and all of us who used to play in her garden in Dunsfold Drive continue to treasure those days in our memory!

The next feasting was on Nov 30 at a group lunch — there are more than a few such “group” thingies this time of the year, as friends and friends of friends come together for that once a year “catch up”.

There were no fewer than 24 of us! We were seated at a Last Supper kind of table, 12 of us on each side. I found myself sitting next to a friend of a friend with whom I’d gone on one of those massive self-organised group holidays — once to China and another time to Sarawak.

I hadn’t seen her for more than a couple of times for the whole of this year and it’s usually at a group get together such as the Nov 30 event, where because of the sheer number of friends and friends of friends, we barely had more than a chance of say “Hi”, “Bye”, “Isn’t the food nice!”

This time being a special lunch, and because we were in a restaurant and not someone’s home, we could natter more. She told me stories about hersself that were more multi-layered, colored and textured than the buffet appetiser I had helped myself to.

Could the gory tales be true? All that happened to someone living in a large detached home in a prime area off Stevens Road? A SIL who bashed her? A grand kid who stabbed her? Family court? Counselling?

Grimms’ fairy tales?

Talk of the Ancient Mariner..  better talk of food. More feed fests akan datang in future posts

my multi-hue, textured, flavoured appetiser plate

Always trusty, tasty salmon

what we couldn't eat as we sat Last Supper like!

be4 X'mas, the cradle stays out of the manger says ET

my out sized popiah

Lit: 1st advent candle


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