Run over by transport costs

The ComfortDelgro taxi price increase really caps many months of runaway transport cost increases.

I seldom take taxis; yet whenever I do I’m shocked by how much it costs!

It used to be around $6 from the Alexandra Road workshop to my home and then back again: one trip to drop off my car for servicing; another to pick up my car after servicing.

In the last two service sessions, I was surprised to see the fare being close to $10 per trip.

Guess next week when I send my car for servicing, it could be $12 or more per trip.

Will keep you posted on this!


3 thoughts on “Run over by transport costs

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  2. Hum Yee Fan Sang: I like yr nick because that’s what my mum often says, but I regret I can’t let you use my blog as an ad board for your blog, esp when what u write is full of rude words! That’s the etiquette. Like it or lump it.
    Auntie Lucia

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