X’mas has come early for moi!

As a rule, I like to count the good things that happen to me and overlook or dismiss the occasional bad or unpleasant hiccups that interrupt my life.

And so far in November, I’m happy to report that X’mas appears to have come early for me, in so far as two unexpected presents that came my way.

First was that my good friend LW continues to live up to her word to keep me in shower cap clover.  It’s a promise she made after reading my lament last year https://singaporegirl.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/all-i-want-for-xmas/ and then fulfilled some in March as documented here https://singaporegirl.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/raining-shower-caps/

When I met her earlier last month, she handed me a bag of precious disposable shower caps she’s collected during her various overseas jaunts year since March!. (Man, LW is one travelling woman!) There was enough for me for the coming 12 months, plus some to spare my other family members.

LW’s mum too has converted to the disposable shower cap — which incidentally contrary to the description isn’t a use-once and then discard cap. Rather, it can last as long as month, depending on the dispensing hotel from which it comes.

The mystery remains this: why is it that i can’t buy shower caps like those given away in hotel rooms? I’ve tried everywhere again and again: supermarkets, pharmacies, even dedicated beauty products stores. But zilch! Instead what remains on sale is the thick plastic kind which can last forever and smells terrible with prolonged use 😦

Now let me turn to the less mysterious and utterly delicious second and totally unexpected early X’mas pressie. I was having lunch last month with AL –an ex-student/ex-colleague/forever friend — who remarked on my unchanging taste for Cedele’s lemon lust, a pastry that’s thick spread with lemon curd covered with icing sugar. AL said she could do much better and promised to bake me something –soon.

Like most casual insignificant promises friends make to friends, I didn’t expect it to be fulfilled soon, if ever. So  you could blow me down with a feather when within days I received a call to please stand by for delivery — which when it arrived was a large lemon meringue pie.

And AL’s was no empty boast. The lemon curd was just sour enough to give a tingling tang to offset the sweetness of the meringue, so that the combined taste is the enhancement of both! Needless to say, mum and I had a feast, as thankfully everyone else in the household avoids anything that’s even slightly sour. All the more for us 😆

good to the very last slurp!


3 thoughts on “X’mas has come early for moi!

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  2. Auntie Lucy…I was also told my lemon cheesecake is so much better than Cedele’s! From my wife’s colleague when she brought a slice for her to try.


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