All at sea @ the orchid show

Worse than Amy Lam, I can’t tell an orchid from an ordinary flower but I went to the World Orchid Conference’ show at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention centre all the same — for two reasons.

One, my old school mates, AE n JL3 have on and off mentioned about going to view an exhibition at MBS although neither had an actual target in mind.

Two and this was the more important of the two reasons: my neighbour, GB, gave me 3 tickets to the orchid show, as her continuing gesture of gratitude, because I introduced her to the Orchid Society of South-east Asia when she was looking for work to fill in her spare time that would be both interesting and yet not too demanding on her time. And OSSEA was looking for someone just like her!

Thus GB and OSSEA turned out to be a perfect fit!  Consequently, I’ve been at the receiving end of her appreciation. If only everyone I had done a good turn for is just as appreciative and I might have turned professional recruiter 😆

That’s the background why I found myself at the WOC show on Nov 15, with AE and JL3, after a lip-smacking gr8 value for money lunch treat given by AE at the Tandoor at Riverwalk.

As for the orchid show, suffice it to say, the three of us were overwhelmed by the multitude of blooms and colors and did a whistle stop tour that covered the whole exposition in less than an hour. The pictures (below) I took may do better justice to the real jaw-dropping awesomeness of this congregation of orchids from all the four corners of the world — in Singapore.

When we were done with the exposition, we made a bee-line for the freebie Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. Although there were shuttle buses, we opted to walk there, because of the long queue waiting for the ride.

That’s where I think NParks could have done better with their sign-posting as after getting to the street level from B2, there were no further obvious signs. Even the shuttle buses had to be located by word of mouth.

Thank goodness, a young NP staff who joined the organisation three months earlier eagerly showed us where to go, confessing that she’s not taken the walk-route herself till she accompanied us!

Ok, we did make it to the Gardens by the Bay but not to the Flower Dome, as by then we three not-so-feisty ex-school-mates were feeling a bit like cut flowers that had been left too long in the sun and decided to make our way back to the comfort of MBS and then the Singapore Cricket Club where we had a spot of leisurely refreshment to revive our wilting legs and feet! 🙄

What's this? Something from South America?

OSSEA's orchid house

Wildly Thai

Love this color combi!

big & bold

2 thoughts on “All at sea @ the orchid show

  1. Hey Lucy, hope that you enjoyed the WOC. Unfortunately I did not get to go to the Gardens by the Bay as hoped. Was under the weather but wanted to se the show and catch up with nephew. Let’s catch up one day when things are not so hectic

  2. Hi Amy: we only got part way to the GBTB; apart from the heat etc, i think we got put of partially by the dragonfly section that greeted us. Not all of us feel comfy with things buzzing around, even if they were only d-flies! PT says GBTB will open in June/July next yr, with the garden show. yes, let’s catch up when things r less hectic with u!

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