Six years already?

In 2005, a dear friend and some-time benefactor went to heaven. If not for the fact that one of his beneficiaries continues to make the effort, I wonder how many of us who ate regularly at his table once upon a time would remember the day he left us?

November 13!

But fear not, that single beneficiary remembers all right and right on the dot would issue an anniversary invite to lunch or dine at the Princess Terrace at King’s Hotel.

This year, I almost didn’t make it — not for anything earth shattering. Simply because it was raining cats and dogs on Sunday nite and King’s Hotel has limited sheltered parking. I hate bad weather, if I have to go out. I hate getting wet, especially getting my feet wet.

Then I felt ashamed of myself and made the effort. Because if the person hosting could make the effort — for six straight years — so could I make the effort to be present: to eat.

The venue and the person hosting the meal were the same. Nothing else too had changed.

First, the number of attendees kept diminishing, some with perfectly good reasons (which I shan’t mention) while others hadn’t really that good ones IMHO 😦

Second, I ate exactly the same food as shown in the pix below, as a comparison of the post on Nov 13, 2010 would confirm.

Now I wonder whether the person would host another meal next year or whether after 6 years of constancy, the person would decide that while contancy and remembering is wonderful, turning the page may be easier on the heart and the purse?

Perhaps it’s also time for some of us from that same large group which used to fill a table for 18 without problem to take over the act of remembering and not leave it to just one faithful soul?

otak (back), satay, nasi kunyit, kerabu beehoon, nasi ulam


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