Barking up the wrong tree?

Following the discovery of no more than five dead bodies in the Bedok Reservoir in recent months, it’s most heartening to read and hear that Mr Teo Ser Luck, North East CDC mayor, is going to reach out to troubled individuals (see article below).

Hopefully, such concern would extend to all troubled Singaporeans and not only those living in the vicinity of Bedok Reservoir which falls under Mr Teo’s ambit.

Unless contradicted with facts, I suspect not any or all the five dead had been Mr Teo’s constituents. This is because people can kill themselves anywhere, not necessarily on home ground.

In fact, quite the contrary. I read somewhere that unless the suicide is a spur of the moment thing, not a deliberate planned move, the suicidal person tends to avoid muddying his own backyard.

Still, even if Mr Teo’s analysis is correct — which is his constituents are throwing themselves into the B-reservoir like moths to fire — there’s no reason not to extend his kind of concern to all the other troubled individuals on our little red dot. Like he said, it’s not the location he’s concerned about. It’s the persons involved.

Which incidentally based on earlier report of two suicide wannabes — who fortunately or unfortunately were rescued by passers by — the Bedok tally could have been as high as 7!


North East CDC to reach out to troubled individuals
04:47 AM Oct 27, 2011

SINGAPORE – The North East Community Development Council (CDC) will be scrutinising its database more closely to identify and reach out to troubled individuals.

At a community event yesterday, North East District Mayor Teo Ser Luck noted that the recent incidents of bodies found at the Bedok Reservoir – which is in the district – has led to heightened awareness of such cases.

On Tuesday, a body of a woman in her late 50s was found floating in Bedok Reservoir. It is the fifth body found in the reservoir this year.

Adding that there will be greater focus on families or individuals who may require help, Mr Teo said: “It’s not the location that I’m really concerned about, we can always put barriers and barricades. I’m concerned whether they know where to seek help, whether it is mental or financial. Is it the pace and stresses of life that made them take their own lives? I hope it is not a new trend that’s to come.”

Mr Teo said North East CDC will assess families in its database to look out for those facing emotional and mental stress.

He said he will also work with social workers and voluntary welfare organisations.

Yesterday, North East CDC received a boost to their efforts to help the needy.

Entertainment artiste Apple Hong pledged to donate S$50,000 from the proceeds of her book Happiness.

Ms Hong said the CDC’s efforts for the needy during a recent food drive caught her attention.

She added: “The economy is not so good … a lot of bad news (and) negative things are happening so I want to do something to make people happy.”

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