Stop it, you dash-dash PAP bashers!

says my friend AK who lives in a something-to-die-for condo near the intersection of Farrer and Holland Roads. He grew up in a lovely conservation (it wasn’t “conserved” then, of cos) house behind Emerald Hill. In his hay and hey days, he was a top stockbroker. Now he is an entrepreneur and business man.

He circulated a response he made to an article by one of those ever-ready PAP bashers. About ex-cabinet ministers continuing to cast long shadows over PM Lee’s government, the primary purpose of the piece is to damn the practice.

I love and support AK’s riposte and consequently asked for his permission to post it on my blog. Permission which he graciously gave. So here it is below:

AK wrote:

What’s so wrong about making use of experience accumulated over the years? You think throwing them away is better? Hasn’t Singapore been well run and a success that everyone talks about?

If the record were bad, then you have a valid basis but the record speaks for itself.

In 1965, Singapore’s GDP was same as Kodak, the business model on every one’s lips, last week, the rumour was that Kodak might be filing for BANKRUPTCY  so that its patents may be sold off for higher price, PATHETIC ENDING whichever way.

Your WP’s idea of first world parliament–  US or European parliaments are great exhibits of failures unfolding and end not in sight yet?????

The WP was supposed to be reformist and not copy cats…. instead they are behind the curve…

Your online citizen’s idea of human rights is so narrow as to exclude basic needs =food on table, roof over the head and a JOB.

Ask the Americans and the Europeans who are jobless (20% of them) whether they prefer our governments performance or their own, the answer should be obvious especially when you do not have such basic human rights as JOB, FOOD and ROOF over the head and living in tents. OPEN YOUR EYES.

OPEN YOUR MOUTH and—————————————————————————

Ask them if freedom of speech, democracy comes before those most basic of all basic human needs/ rights ……etc

Don’t make the Singapore government out to be a demon when it is definitely not.

Lots of us benefited from the policies and even most of those who do not agree.

WE are grateful and so be it that there are arrogant people out there who provide a few jobs and think they have/could do more for Singapore …  TALKING IS FREE and MONEY BUYS PROPERTIES.


One thought on “Stop it, you dash-dash PAP bashers!

  1. Auntie Lucia

    Good reply but you will not convince the liberals who think some do deserve their payouts. Easy to agree for some, the problem , is how many and the criteria and who pays , just look at some of the blogs.

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