Pigging out again, burb!

tastes good, looks better

Well it’s that time of the month again — when the Lunch Party gets together for our monthly eat-fest. We are back at the American Club, courtesy of JL, the group’s organiser. And being Thursday, we get a 40% discount on our lunch. I wish clubs I belong to were as innovative!

For a change, i chose the Oriental menu which comprised a Szechuan seafood soup, followed by the deboned pork ribs (above), sesame balls in almond “tea” and coffee.

Notably absent from today’s gathering was TJS, who lost two national elections this year. I say notably absent because he was one of the more regular attendees this year, the general and presidential elections notwithstanding.

Another notable observation of today’s lunch: without TJS presence, only one of us isn’t over 60 and I’m not saying whom 😆

PS: Just got email from TJS with a link n all saying that he was invited by the directors of J P Morgan Asia Investment Trust to lunch and talk about Sg politics on the same day as our Lunch Party’s October lunch. Well, understandably that’s a much more tasty platform for political wannabes… here is the link of his pix with the august (??) gweilos  http://www.tanjeesay.com/#&panel1-1


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