Simply pigging out

The food could be some people’s nightmare. It’s practically all pork, not surprising as it’s an Oktoberfest buffet.

It was something like a dream for me though — ever since I began trying to eat at least one wholly vegetarian meal a day (not counting breakfast), I’ve felt a craving for pork ever so often.

There were crispy pork knuckles; pickled pork knuckles; roast pork loin; pork sausages with cheese in the centre; baby asparagas wrapped with ham. There were also chicken sauasages as well as baked salmon and scallops, something of a nod to the non-pork eaters, tho I daresay if there were any in the restaurant today, they would steer clear of the buffet. 

For me however, it was the very answer to my cravings. And did I pig out! 🙄

my plate overfloweth..

2 thoughts on “Simply pigging out

  1. Haha, it’s a secret. There was also dessert: black forest cake, cheese cake, apple strudel, and some other custardy stuff. Not exactly hot for me. But at $25 net per head, the pork dishes were already worth it. Promo ends on Oct 7. Eml me n I will tell u where 😆

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