Double confirm lucky?

Last Sunday, when pushing my overloaded trolley of essential groceries down the travelator at Great World City, I thought myself lucky that I spotted two Caucasian kids rushing in from the car park just be4 my trolley and they were about to cross paths as I exit the travelator!

I managed to brake my trolley in time, without thinking or remembering that something nasty was going to happen to me and the people behind me.

Which was what did happen. The travelator continued travelling but because I pulled hard on the trolley, it side swiped the left barrier of the travelator be4 being forced back to the correct path and over the hump onto the flat ground.

Meanwhile I felt the full impact of three men who had seconds be4 been talking animatedly behind me as they body-slamp into me. Not all three of cos but the momentum of three persons suddenly knocking into one another and then me.

There was a bit of shouting: what happened? Why you stop suddenly? I shouted back a bit lamely: Those kids! Who meanwhile were unperturbed by the commotion as their mother (or at least a grown up Caucasian) behind them hurried them up the up travelator.

I should have been incensed by what happened. Shouted at her for not keeping her kids out of harm’s way etc.

But I did nothing like that. All I felt was gratitude that I managed to escape knocking into the kids — with messy and time consuming consequences — or losing control of my trolley and crashing into the fengshui shop at the end of the travelator, with equally messy and time consuming consequences!

Of cos on reaching home and in retrospect, I was furious with what happened and toyed with the idea of writing to Great World City management to demand that they put up signs warning people from ambling too close to exit points of travelators.

My fury was fueled by the fact that the right side of my back developed a nagging ache, no doubt the result of having the weight of three men slamming into me.

Fortunately, as the ache subsided ever so slowly, my sense of feeling lucky that I didn’t run over those kids surfaced again.

This was especially after I was given illustrations of two additional fates that could have compounded the incident.

When I told Ms Chung about it at our weekly Thursday yoga session, she said, consider the worse case scenario. Suppose the guys behind you were pushing and trolley and it ran into you? You might have gotten more than uncomfortable aches! She’s got a point there.

Yesterday, JL3 and AE, both old school mates and I met up with Ms Chung and her sister over a cup of super-value-for-$ gourmet coffee at Geisha — the lovely coffee nook in Burlington Square opposite La Salle — I was made doubly aware of my lucky escape!

JE3 on hearing  about my experience recalled how one of her relatives after a game of golf on Sentosa was knocked into by a golf cart that his golf partner’s kid was fooling around with! Result: a smashed pelvis and damaged kidneys, from which injuries the said victim has yet to recover fully.

That account double confirms my luck last Sunday. It also makes me doubly certain I will not hesitate to run into anyone foolish enough to sashay across the exit of a travelator when I, pushing a loaded trolley, am about the exit!

Better someone else gets smashed for his/her carelessness than me! Right? r-i–g-h-t? 😦

Donch say I didn’t warncha!!


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