What would you do?

Today I was at the checkout at Carrefour, Suntec City, with exactly 5 items: hard rolls, bread, a bag of Snickers, raw peanuts and a small bag of potatoes.

All but the potatoes were scanned without hitch. The checkout girl said there was no bar code and i helpfully told her that potatoes were 9 cents for 100 gms.

She checked her list but couldn’t find the necessary code. She tried asking the checkout person in the next lane. No dice! She tried calling via phone, for her supervisor. No dice.

Suddenly the woman with thick rimless glasses behind me in our queue of two spoke. I thought she was making a suggestion to the cashier. But no. She was speaking to me.

She said: “Why don’t you settle so that I can pay?”


I looked at her and tried to explain: I couldn’t settle because the last item — the potatoes hadn’t a price.

She just stared, hostilely. No smile, no cajoling.

I suddenly felt irritated, very!

“If you can’t wait, why don’t you go to the other cashiers,” I said, evenly but also unsmilingly.

She picked up her packet of Twinnings tea and flounced off. I watched her go from one checkout to another, but there was always someone ahead of her.

To my surprise, she flounced back and practically flung the box of tea-bags on the counter and declared loudly: “I don’t want this any more” and then stormed off.

I felt a bit bad to have robbed Carrefour of a potential customer but comforted myself with the fact that she demanded I do something that I couldn’t: that is settle my bill to suit her timing.

Still, maybe I shouldn’t have given her gratuitous advice about trying other checkouts?

What do you think? 🙄


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