The PE party’s over, time …

to call it a day?

Not for the Lunch Party though, which held our usual monthly lunch, this time on a Thursday for a change from the usual Friday slot.

And we returned — after camping out at Dempsey and China Box in the old Bukit Timah campus — to the newly retrofitted American Club’s dining room where most of us felt uncomfortably exposed due to the open and transparent glass and wrought-iron design concept.

Still, after many queries directed at a series of wait staff on whether there was any way we could block out the rest of the dining room from our alcove, we got the answer we wanted. Yes, there was a sliding door and with that door slid to a close, we felt more secluded and could debate in our usual manner, agreeing to disagree, agreeably.

resilient Jee Say

The attendance was good 15 of us out of a possible full complement of 24. Perhaps it was because of the presence of our most high-profile member Tan Jee Say, who last month failed in his bid to become Singapore’s 7th president, but did so with a very creditable 500,000+ Singaporeans supporting him!

TJS was as bouncy as ever; irrepressable, the you-can’t-put-me-down-what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of fellow. As usual, he’s affable but not compliant.

To a man and woman, the Lunch Party had wished him well in his elected presidency bid. That however didn’t and doesn’t mean that any of us voted for him. We just respected his right to want to serve Singapore, even though some of us must have wondered whether the $100K+ he spent in his bid couldn’t have been put to better use. But no one articulated anything so crass!

To a man and woman, the Sep 1 lunch saw members ribbing TJS in the same good natured way we had teased him apres his unsucessful May bid to become a Memember of Parliament.

Now for the food — I didn’t get to capture every dish that was served, as I was busily competing with the others to share my two cents worth on the presidential election and rumours of a split in the ruling PAP 🙄

the new dining room @ American Club


corn-crab soup to start


fish slices in spicey assam sauce

mango chicken, anyone?

can't eat another wasabi prawn 😛


glass of wine, scallops + thou?


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