With the right Tan as president…

  • there’s no need any more to scold the President Elections Committee for being too liberal with the issue of certificates of eligibility
  • my early rush to the Raffles Girls School polling centre last Saturday morning and the tedious trek home after that was certainly worth the effort!

As for those who don’t know whom I supported for president, they need only refer to this link https://singaporegirl.wordpress.com/2011/08/01/which-president-tan-will-open-parliament-on/

Finally, my riposte to those who keep yada-yadaing that two thirds of Singaporeans didn’t vote Dr Tony Tan, the president-elect, is to ask them to look at the numbers this way:

Tan Kin Lian: 2,011,257 Singaporeans didn’t want him to be president.

Tan Jee Say: 1,585,456 Sgreans didn’t want him to be president.

Tan Cheng Bock: 1,378,060 Sgreans didn’t want him to be president.

Tony Tan Keng Yam: 1,370, 791 Sgreans didn’t want him to be president.

So you party poopers, eat your hearts out! All the other Tan-candidates have far more Sgreans not wanting them to go to the Istana than the president-elect! 😛 😛

In any case, it’s more than unreasonable to expect anywhere near a million votes for the Istana seat when there are as many as four candidates, and all credible, based on the PEC’s ruling.

When was there a four-corner fight with credible candidates in our election for Parliamentary seats? Certainly not at the last general election!

And even if the president-elect does corner up to half the number of votes available, it could still be said that half of Sgporeans don’t want him to be their president!

That’s natural when there’s electoral competition. And in the nature of democracy, we must abide by the candidate who manages to garner the most support, even if it’s just a majority of 1. Given this possibility, a 7,000+ majority must be considered both credible and conclusive, no ifs, buts or humiliation, Economist! 😛 X 3 


3 thoughts on “With the right Tan as president…

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  2. Hehe, Uncle Wang. Since u r so supportive, I’ll then bend a little towards yr view that only the Drs r good presidential material. Still Dr TT is obviously made of better material in the view of his supporters. 😀

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