Yippee, voted already but…

Wish I knew one could park outside the Raffles Girls School polling station to elect Singapore’s next president, despite the double yellow lines alongside road.
Hence, when an election officer outside the gate greeted me with a “good morning”, I grumpily returned “what’s so good about the morning?”
I feel a right to feel grumpy. I’d only had my bread roll and hadn’t drunk my coffee yet but being so law-abiding a citizen, I arranged to get a lift from HWSHNBN and Q who were on their way to the Tekka market so as to avoid driving myself and then having nowhere to leave my car when i got to the polling station.
That was to save me one trek out to RGS but these friends are not the dilly-dallying kind. They set a time and they expect you to be ready to go when they are. No coffee or time for make up.
So, you can imagine my chagrin when we reached RGS to see a long row of cars outside the polling station 😦 ! That’s my reward for being law abiding and forward planning.
After I cast my vote — please let my effort be worth it for my chosen candidate — I gnashed, gnashed my teeth as I crossed from Anderson Road and the mulitple- lane Stevens Road and then hiked the length of Balmoral Road and bits of Bukit Timah Road to get home.
Every other lot from No 1 Balmoral all the way to No 33 was being developed into a condominium! Arrrgggg…
It must have been more than 10 years ago since I walked along this stretch although I’ve driven through the same road countless times.
Thank goodness the morning rain had stopped and the sun was still shrouded in clouds.
Note to Elections Department: for the next election, please state clearly in all your ads that normal traffic rules are suspended around polling stations?

2 thoughts on “Yippee, voted already but…

  1. your polling station was my alma mater btw. 🙂

    the residents there are used to such jams… as with many other schools, during the school term, there’s one there every morning… bet they won’t miss the school when it moves around 2014!

  2. Hi Quirky, wish I had known u were an ex-student n so wld have consulted u re lay of the land :-D.
    1st time voting at RGS, as previously when we were in Tanglin (be4 we became part of Tg Pagar GRC), we voted at Cairnhill CC and there were tons of parking lot available across the road at Newton carpark!

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