If wrong Tan comes in, blame it on PEC?

That’s what one of my yoga mates declared when our group of ladies started talking animatedly about Saturday’s presidential election be4 tonite’s session to induce peace and calmness began.

Why blame the presidential election committee?

Because in her view, it had been too liberal in issuing eligibility certificates 😆

It’s also her view that for the 2017 presidential election all wannabee presidents should be made to sit an examination to make sure they understand the Singapore Constitution thoroughly. Otherwise no go!

I think that’s an excellent suggestion.

To which I would add the need for a medical examination too, to ensure that whoever gets into the Istana is both physically and psychologically fit for the job.

If most jobs demand such clearance, why not that of our head of state?

That way, we will have some safeguard against ending up with someone like Rome’s Nero for 6 long years and all of 72 months!

Meanwhile, it’s my fervent prayer that the right President Tan — and not a wan-Tan (no Mr Smith, I don’t mean wanton)  — makes it on Aug 27.

Meanwhile2, time to cool off with a sun salute in the middle of the night 🙄


9 thoughts on “If wrong Tan comes in, blame it on PEC?

  1. I will be voting Tan Cheng Bock instead of Tony Tan. Tan Cheng Bock spoke up
    in 1987 in support of the arrest of the Marxist conspirators. This is a man
    who understands putting the nation above the individual. He is a safe pair
    of hands who will not rock the boat and threaten the stability of Singapore.
    This is why he was the first non cabinet minister elected into the PAP
    Central Executive Committee. He has already said that he will work within
    the boundaries of the constituion. The role of the President is custodial
    and it is more important to have someone likeable like Tan Cheng Bock.
    Therefore I will be very comfortable with Tan Cheng Bock as President

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  3. Aunty Lucia;

    me thinks that the PEC Members be tested and examined for their knowledge of Sin, pre and post independence before they decide
    on the qualifications of others.

    By the way, the Singapore Constitution should not be treated like an edict, it should evolve with changing circumstances and developments. When It(Constitution) is formulated and crafted according to those in power, the commoners will have no say over much thing affecting their freedom and volition. And the Constitution MUST FACTOR in conscience and equity for all and not just to keep everyone checked and kept inline by the Rulers .

  4. Uncle DaddySim: good idea abt making PEC take a test too be4 members are given the OK to judge who’s suitable to stand for presidency.

    However, can’t n don’t agree at all that the those in power shouldn’t be allowed to formulate n craft constituency. Hello, those in power are the Parliament n voted by the people! If Parliament isn’t supreme, who is? U mean Temasek Review Emeritius, thugs n what have you 🙄 ?

  5. Auntie;

    to be fair, there are thugs and there are
    gems in TRE. That makes it a complete
    and diverse whole and not just a faction.

    The Sin Constitution is rightly the domain
    of the Rulers; what me meant was/is that
    it should not be rigid and be subject to
    update and improvement to go accordingly
    with political changes. Eg; if the cooks all
    have to cook everything according to the
    chef, we probably will be deprived of new
    and maybe better tasting dishes. The chef
    must not only allow but should encourage
    new ideas and innovations.

  6. Uncle Daddysim! Y switch in nik from Useless Pressie to Patriot? 😆
    Sure the cooks shld experiment, but if wannabe chefs start adding arsenic, steroid, ganja, heroin et al into the “teng”, I say off with their heads, metaphorically.

    Parliament is supreme. Want to change the constitution, make sure u got 75% support in the House. Otherwise we might as well not have laws if you and I can, suka-suka, with a bunch f keyboard happy thugs rewrite the laws of the land without getting elected.

  7. Good Morning Auntie Lucia;

    me uses nicks according to the seasons as well as for variety.

    You got a point about the possible things that cooks may do, however, me does believe that most cooks are sensible and after all the chef selects them. If the cooks are as crooked, they might as well make curry out of the chef.

    Laws and policies are proposals deemed good for nation building that are formulated by our lawmakers for consideration and implementation for the well-beings of the people and the state. Allowing a single party regime to draft the constitution is as good as to give absolute power to it. As the Saying goes: absolute power corrupts absolutely and me agrees totally with it.

    While the thugs cannot be allowed to suka suka write the laws, it is useless for them to do so as they cannot implement them, the leadership similarly cannot be given the freedom . It could be far more vicious than the thugs as educated rascals are far more crafty and dangerous. This is Facts of life.

    Maybe, me like John Harding, is inclined to be cynical of many political leaders in the World.

  8. Nicks according to seasons and/or reasons? Wah DaddySim, when CNY comes, you should give the bian-mian artistes a run for their money 🙄

    As for your support of TRE, may I refer you to an article in the Aug 26 issue of the New Paper (if you are in Sg and not from
    somewhere in the USA)? There you will find an interview given by a TRE moderator called Richard Wan who talks abt TRE’s “harrassment tactics”.

    Oh incidentally, pse realise that cynicism kills your humanity, and absolute cynicism kills your humanity absolutely. So do be careful, dear DaddySim 😆

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