Can elected president be above politics?

Would anyone care to enlighten me?

Can candidates who actively campaign for a post flashing their credentials (real or imagined) and flooding the public with promises and jam-packed walk abouts be considered to be above politics, even though after being elected as head of state, the president is widely seen as exactly this: above politics!

Can our elected president be above politics when he is expected to stand up to the elected Government over certain areas like reserves and top civil service appointments, should he consider what the elected Government wants to do in those demarcated areas to be against the interest of Singaporeans?

Why should the elected president be confined to moral authority (actually I thought any moral authority should lie with relgious rather than secular leaders) and the Government have the political and legal authority?

Was there some confusion on what was expected of an elected president when the idea of having a second key to lock up Singapore’s burgeoning reserves was conceived?

Currently I’m feeling confused, especially with the proliferation of candidates and the plethora of promises from some candidates that have strayed far beyond what thepressie’s role is under the constitution, making me wonder whether they are no more than political oaths that need several terms in power to roll out, if at all?

The Government should really relook the role of the elected president once the dust has settles. Either make him fully political or not at all. Otherwise we would defintely see a repeat of the present “morality” play that beats the best in medieval Europe, leaving many — OK, mayb just me — none the wiser. 😦

And give opposition politics a second bite of the cherry — which may be fine, if this is considered the fairness that one candidate has been going on about!



5 thoughts on “Can elected president be above politics?

  1. It is confusing because there is an election. Campaigning will always be political. The role itself may not be as sensational as the walk-abouts.

    Personally, if the government needs a moral authority, we should be very worried.

  2. Hi ya Pei, nice to see you here n giving a young person’s perspective. Agree that if one needs to campaign, then the position has been turned political, willy-nilly!

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