So sweet, so GM!

Some of you regular visitors may remember that  I went to Melaka last month with some ex-schoolmates.

yummy in every way

Because I’m no longer into acquisitions that can’t be eaten or used up, I didn’t do much shopping other than buy gula Melaka or palm suagr. And I bought kilos worth, one box priced at RM8 from Nancy’s Kitchen and another box of the same weight priced at RM4 from a nameless shop.

Now with so much GM — gula Melaka, not genetically modified 🙄 — on hand and my past use of GM had been to add it to steamed or grated tapioca, I was beginning to wonder whether I’ve not again overdone it!

Then JS, who helped us to get into the Chee Yam Chuan Temple in Melaka, highly recommended melting the gula melaka and drissling it over avocado for a yummy dessert.

Yes, but how many times must I do that be4 I get sick of both avocado and the GM dressing?  Then something lit up my taste buds and prompted me to take GM beyond J’s recommendation.

I decided to make a sauce from GM by adding roasted crushed peanut, a pinch of salt and chopped raw galic and chilli. Believe it or not, GM turned out to be a great substitute for the prawn paste used in rojak sauce! So much healthier and good for the one vegetarian meal that I try to eat every day.

Also, using the same recipe but adding less water to the GM and the sauce becomes a wonderful dip for crudites or even apples, especially the green ones.

Ditto as a spread for bread (in place of jam) and biscuits. I’ve even experimented with making a sandwich and adding cheddar cheese n found it yummy too.

The next is to experiment with other nuts like pine or Brazil to see if GM works as well with them.

Finally, the GM bought from Nancy’s is tastier than that picked up for half the price from the nameless shop.


4 thoughts on “So sweet, so GM!

  1. Hi Auntie Lucia, the GM from Melaka are really of high standards – different from what we get here. We have been using them for years. Like you, whenever we visit Melaka, we will really stock up. We buy ours from Marko Peranakan Restaurant. We use GM to sweeten green beans soup and also to make thick GM-coconut milk agar-agar – yum yum..but now, will try your “rojak sauce” – should be a hit. Cheers.

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