Lesson for Singapore?

A Singaporean friend — a professional book-seller who has made a new life for herself in London in the past 8 years — responded to my anxious query re her safety, following the orgy of mindless violence, looting and general mayhem that last week-end swept acoss England, Shakespeare’s once “green and plessant land”.

She wrote: “I’m all right, Scotland Yard round the corner, Wellington Barracks opposite, there’re easier targets. It was really spooky here on Tuesday (Aug 9), nobody about on the streets, people were scared.

“I sought refuge in Chichester, although learnt that Gloucester got hit, now that’s scary because it’s a town. Riots in big cities erupt from time to time, but a respectable town like Gloucester means anarchy.

“The problem is so big where do you start? So many immigrants, so many single mothers with children from multiple “boyfriends”, fat and drunk most of the time, no family unit, welfare benefits the norm. They learn from young that crime pays.

“I’m sorry but these are mostly black youths. I think the day is not far off when ethnic English become the minority, already in London.”

A lesson somewhere in the script for Singapore, or at least those who rule us, to ponder?


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