Not these threads for the Istana!

Ms Nicole Seah, the defeated candidate from the National Solidarity Party, is a hugely popular young icon in Singapore and what I’m about to write may not be good for my health 😛

But write it I must! Ms Seah may have many talents but she doesn’t quite hit the spot as a sartorial guru — at least not yet!

I’ve come to this conclusion on seeing Tan Jee Say — one of the four Ti-Tans eyeing for a shot at Singapore’s elected presidency — in the flesh today

Nicole Seah's choice

He came to the Lunch Party’s regular monthly get-together and proudly showed off one of two garments that he said was chosen for him by Nicole Seah. Bought at Bugis and costing $50 or $70, he wasn’t quite sure as there were two purchases.

He isn’t quite as tall as Mr Goh Chok Tong, the emeritius senior minister, so I think Jee Say should  have been advised to avoid horizontal stripes, especially when they are both wide and loud!

Now contrast this with what he used to wear before he decided to take the plunge for a fashion-makeover and tell me what suits him better?

seriously earnest

Bonanza's awaits behind

It may be my over-conservative eyes and I may be very superficial to focus on Jee Say’s clothes. But as he is the person with ambitions to be the most public face of Singapore, clothes should matter more than when the aim is to be a well-loved Ah Beng, n’est pas? 😀



Incidentally the pork ribs were one of the dishes we ate today. For the rest go here, as the menu was exactly the same as when Nicole Seah came to lunch with us last month. We are a bunch of aunties and uncles who like to stick to the tried and trusted. 🙄

we ribbed him too!


2 thoughts on “Not these threads for the Istana!

  1. We are a bunch of aunties and uncles who like to stick to the tried and trusted. 🙄

    haha i am a spring chicken who sticks to the tried and tested… when i eat economy rice i usually have sweet and sour fish, egg and veggies, and when i eat malay rice i usually have sambal goreng, bergedil and fried chicken wing. if not i’d spend ages trying to decide what to eat!!! 🙂

  2. Haha, Quirky, guess u’ve put yr young finger on why most pple opt for the tried n tested. It save time n brainpower. However, I’ve been developing a theory as far as food is concerned anyway n that is diversification of food type, color, texture, origin, preparation, portion etc may b more beneficial for health! And such diversification reduces the loose minutes I’ve got on my hands 😆

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