Which President Tan will open Parliament on…

on October 10? (10/10 incidentally is also Taiwan’s national day if I’m not mistaken)

Even in the unlikely scenario of Mr Andrew Kuan clearing the eligibility barrier, IMHO I think the Tan-quartet is likely to stand a better chance at the ballot box. Assuming that all of them would be cleared, for if Mr Kuan is cleared, so should everyone else too, right?  


So who will do the honours on the night of Oct 10?

Will it be President Tan Kin Lian who most curiously has made a trip to Batam over the week-end? It’s OK for the real president to pay one of our closest neighbours a visit, to strengthen diplomatic ties. But when a presidential hopeful does that, it seems like breaking new ground. Singapore might have been part of the Riau archipalego once upon a time but it’s now a sovereign state. And vassal-like activities don’t go well with someone who aspires to be our head of state!

Or will it be President Tan Cheng Bock, the husband of an old school-mate? He’s avuncular but he seems to take life and himself so seriously that he wears a perpetual frown. If he’s to be weighed down further by the affairs of state and the even weightier duty of signing death warrants, it will surely ensure that he would never be able to smile again — assuming Dr Tan does ever smile!

It could be my monthly lunch kaki Tan Jee Say reading out the Government’s plans for the next 5 years, his $60 billion transforming Singapore salvo probably consigned to the cabinet of wishful thinking. Still if he gets into the Istana, it’s the best consolation prize for his failed attempt to get into Parliament and a prime illustration of that saying, “if first you don’t succceed, try, try again”. Or another English adage: lose a penny, find a pound (sterling lah!)

But it’s most likely to be President Tony Tan who will open Parliament in a little over two months from now. He was deputy prime minister and had held other critical portfolios of education, defence and finance. Besides politics, he had also been a prominent banker, rising to the post of executive chairman of OCBC Bank.

Among the presidential candidates, he’s the only one who has had an eagle’s eye view of Singapore’s public and private sectors. And precedence is on his side as well. The late President Ong Teng Cheong had also been a deputy prime minister be4 he became president.


10 thoughts on “Which President Tan will open Parliament on…

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  2. Yep, he’s got the talent and the savyness, …

    “Truth” — I’ve edited yr comment as I don’t want to have material extraneous to my post being brought up, esp by someone I don’t know fm a bar of soap. If u don;t like, just msg me and I’ll be happy 2 delete your entire comment.. 😉 Auntie Lucia

  3. Whether white horse/cat or black horse/cat, as long as he can run in the right directions for the masses or catch the right rats that steal our cheese, whoever he will be will be.

  4. The newscasters seemed to be unusually loud and emphatic on the word ‘IF’ there is contest, when reading the news in the local telecasts. Me can’t help feeling sori for all the candidates except one.

    Auntie Lucia: DaddySim, your comment has been edited. I think u r imagining things. Until ECs have been issued, the question of whether there’ll be a contest remains mah. Also, I don’t let anyone comment on individual candidates on my blog, me excepted. If u find this unacceptable, I wld be happy to delete yr comment. 😉

  5. Auntie Lucia;

    me am happy to see my post despite it been halved.
    Find your response very reasonable and also very
    impressed by your mind reading and frank reminder.

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