Very special 70th birthday

Amy Lam, a friend who is the mother of all intrepid travellers, noted in Face Book today that many people she knows were born on July 17 and she preceded to name them.

I can’t beat her in the numbers game (or the travelling game for that matter) but as a matter of fact, I’ve also got friends whose birthday fall on July 17 too! Two to be exact. One is a new one while the other I’ve known since 1981 :-D!

Our long and close friendship isn’t what’s remarkable. Rather, it’s the fact that this person has been terribly sick since the time we first met. Yet this friend has continued to survive and live to enjoy life — despite going into more comas than the number of husbands that Elizabeth Taylor had; despite my getting urgent calls every so often to go to hospital (NUH, TTSH, ME to name a few) in case it would be the last time etc

Yet believe it our not, this friend has just celebrated the landmark 70th birthday, today with close family members and last Thursday (July 14) with a large gathering of friends in a pre-birthday bash.

Food was informal: packaged by Yum Cha, accompanied by fried noodles prepared by the family’s maids and then followed by cake and tauhuey chui!

What’s the secret of this friend’s ability to stay happy, contented and positive despite a painful and debilitating illness?

I will put it down to the F-factors — Faith, Fight and Friends. Wish that more people in similarly drastic situations — whether from health and/or other problems — could learn to use the same tools for a longer, happier life 😀

yum cha to say yum seng to special day


truly miraculous 70th year!


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