I went to Resorts World Sentosa…

.. over two days last week, stayed for 10 hours the first day, six hours the second, and guess what? I didn’t  step into the casino even though signs everywhere indicated it was just a short stroll away.

So why the heck did I go to Resorts World Sentosa if I wasn’t headed for the casino?

Believe it or not, if I had wanted to go to a casino, I would have gone to Marina Bay Sands, for which I’ve already paid my $2k of levy for one year. Why would I want to pay more levy $ to enter another casino?

The reason I went to RWS was to nosey a bit at a 2-day conference organised by a friend who kindly invited me to check it out. The only caveat: don’t come after the VIPs which meant I was expected to present myself well be4 kick off time.

For a normally late riser like me, it was sure and sheer agony. The first day, two fellow non-VIP participants gave me a lift, as I’d not been to RWS since it started receiving visitors, might have got well and truly lost and turned up after the VIPs — which won’t be a good thing for the organisers!

The following day, I drove there myself but because the direction-signs sucked real bad I found myself making two rounds of the resort be4 finding the carpark meant for conference participants and ended up just a few steps ahead of the 2nd day’s VIPs.

Still, the conference amenities were impressive enough, especially the washrooms. And there was a feeling of solidness everywhere I went.

Yet I was glad to call it a day when the conference closing lunch ended at 3pm. This despite another friend working with the organisers suggesting that I spend the rest of the afternoon at the casino since I was already there, with complimentary carparking to boot.

No way! I go to a casino only when I’m well rested and in the right frame of mind. I plan my visits to MBS as carefully as if I were going into battle, even if most times, I hit and run.

Sleep-deprived and mind swamped by too much intellectual discussions apres the conference would be a sure formula for gambling disaster.  Also, I certainly wasn’t going to pay $100 and stay just two or three hours, right?

So I gave Resort World’s casino a miss and will continue to do so, until the validity of my 12-month pass to MBS expires — or until some kind soul presents me with a RWS membership. I can always dream on, no? 😆


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