Unbuttoned UOB bankers entertain

sweetness from start 2 finish

As I told OAB, my old friend who invited me to the annual dinner of the Association of Banks in Singapore held at the Raffles City Convention Centre to-nite, it was the best ABS dinner I’ve been to, in about 20 years of continuous attendance.

And it wasn’t just the superb food and wine — which usually are par for the course in the last decade or so — but because for the first time ever, I saw a large group of bankers on stage singing and dancing to entertain fellow bankers at their annual event!

The troupe from UOB, led by their Tanjong Pagar branch manager — an Indian Singaporean who speaks good Mandarin — belted out Beatle favourites and other songs accompanied by back-up singers and dancers who in real life are fellow bankers and colleagues.

Later, they were joined by the ABS director and no less than the deputy chairman & CEO of UOB and the outgoing chairman of ABS, Mr Wee Ee Cheong. Together they sang two Mandarin favs, Xiao Wei and Tomorrow is a Better Day.

Of cos the ABS director had four years ago also, in her inimitable fashion, managed to coax the then outgoing chairman of ABS, Mr Jackson Tai of DBS, into showing off his skills on the drums at the dinner.

The ABS chairman in between, Mr David Conner of OCBC, escaped the fate of having to perform for his supper but my guess is that next year, Mr Piyush Gupta, the incoming ABS chairman and current DBS CEO, will not be let off for the 2012 annual dinner!

He also has to contend with the fact that the performance of the UOB ensemble would be a hard act to follow and certainly to better 😀

UOB ensemble with deputy chairman

UOB Tg Pagar manager singing "Seventeen"

ABS director takes centre stage

..food wasn't bad either starting with Maine lobster tail

.. soup followed lobster

main of Atlantic cod


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