Real survey or fake?

As readers of this blog would know, I’m a long time and satisfied customer of OCBC, and have given my kudos here and here, altho alack and alas, it’s always in comparison with the other bank which had on more than on one occasion made me gnash my teeth — which was about all I could do, since it’s too troublesome to cut that relationship.

In any case, this post isn’t to talk about the other bank, but to extoll OCBC’s continuing good service and also to raise one question.

First, the more recent times when OCBC delivered, as expected, exemplary service.

Earlier this month, a friend from Kuala Lumpur came to stay, her mission mainly to get a new savings book from OCBC, so that she could monitor her funds flow better from the Malaysian capital.

She wanted to go to the Orchard branch where her account was first opened but I persuaded her to try out the OCBC’s new branch at Marina Bay Financial Centre, since all accounts are online.

On her return to my place she had nothing but praise for the service received. She didn’t just get a new passbook but was also given an online link for her to check her account back home. Not only that. When she asked the officer attending to her where to get a taxi for her next appointment, the said officer walked her all the way to the taxi stand and stood waiting with her till a cab arrived!

I too have a recent pleasant experience to recount. Last week, I was at Marina Bay Sands for my regular joust and as is usual, I always like to get affirmation that my pennies are still in a good state, either be4 I go into the casino or on leaving.

No, it’s not about whether I’ve lost or won; that’s not the point as to date apart from the $2K hole made by the annual levy, I’m on the plus side. Rather, there’s an OCBC branch on the 3rd level of MBS and I like to get my savings passbook updated.

But last week, my passbook was swallowed by the updating machine. The branch was a premier banking branch and I’m no premier customer. Moreover, it was almost 7pm, closing time for the branch.

Still, I decided to brave it and went in to demand help. The staff, who were checking their wine stock and wot not, as well as attending to a sole customer, were most accommodating. Ushered me immediately to the manager’s officer who amidst apologies issued me a fresh passbook within minutes.

And the swallowed passbook was returned to me by registered post, accompanied by a letter of profuse apologies!

Now given this litany of gr8 service, I was rather pertubed to receive a call today from someone purporting to be from a survey company hired by OCBC to get feedback on customer service.

What perturbed me was that the caller launched straight into questions concerning some deposits I had made at its Clementi Mall branch earlier this month.

“Hold on,” I told the caller, “how do I know that you are who you say you are. I don’t discuss such things with stranger’s whose identity I can’t verify.”

Caller took umbrage and rang off abruptly.

I remain concerned.

Is the caller bona fide? If so, why is OCBC so free with my personal information with a 3rd party without first alerting me and getting my permission first?

Surprise “blind” calls are no way to elicit feedback when confidential information is concerned.

Now if the survey is a fake phishing expedition, this is my way to tell OCBC and the public to be aware and on the alert!


2 thoughts on “Real survey or fake?

  1. Hi Auntie Lucia

    We are from OCBC Bank, and we came across your blog. Thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences with our Bank. We would like to be able to address your feedback pertaining to the call survey done. Kindly drop us an email at Thank you.

  2. Thank you Glendon. I’ve as a matter of fact filled in a Feedback Form on your website around the time I posted my experience.

    Then not hearing from your Feedback channel, I emailed your Ms Koh C C yesterday.

    And lo and behold, I got a longish explanation late last nite from your CIC. Then today Ms Koh also wrote in response to my email.

    Haha, mayb u folks should have a central clearing system for feedback?

    Better still, never give your customer’s contact number for a survey about a specific visit to a branch without first seeking the customer’s permission and also to establish bona fide be4 the caller calls the customer?

    Nowadays with so many scams going around, I don’t wish to discuss my banking business or experience with a total stranger on the fone, unless someone I know from the bank gives me the heads up first.

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