Uncle George’s better choice

On June 2, I gave two reasons why Mr George Yeo, the ex-Foreign Minister and ex-MP for Aljunied Group Representation Constituency, shouldn’t stand for president in the upcoming election in August.

Since then, while it’s not exactly been a cliff-hanger, there were strong signs that he might actually stand, with his youthful supporters going to the extent of collecting the eligibility form on his behalf from the Election Department.

Still his decision not to stand which was announced via his Facebook account a couple of days ago didn’t come as a surprise to me.

This is because he is the original anti “boh tua, boh suay” man, who was/is fastidious about making distinctions between the senior and junior parties.

So with hint, hint, nudge, nudge that his senior in terms of years, political experience and political standing in Singapore — that is Dr Tony Tan — might be throwing his glove into the presidential ring, what other option had Mr Yeo got but to get out of the way pronto?

Of course he could have waited till Dr Tan confirmed his candidacy and then bowed out but it’s distinctly more respectful to do so even when the possibility is but a whiff in the wind.

And if Dr Tan does stand and win, there are vacancies aplenty that might suit Uncle Yeo’s talents. Like the chairmanship of Singapore Press Holdings, for instance. Eminently suitable for an ex-Minister of Mica!

Uncle George has definitely made the better choice, especially given the two terrible alternatives that I had painted earlier, should he lose or win the presidential race!


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