Walter Woon for president?

Now that Mr S R Nathan has also spoken about the presidency, chances are he might well stand again, age notwithstanding.

The line-up could then be:

  • Incumbent president, Mr S R Nathan.
  • Mr Tan Cheng Bock, ex-MP and ex-PAP man, who was the first to collect his eligibility form on June 1.
  • Mr Tan Kin Lian, ex-NTUC and ex-PAP, who after friends had collected the form him, has since confirmed he will be standing.
  • Mr George Yeo, ex-Foreign Affairs Minister, ex-Ajunied MP, now away in Taiwan and whose fans have also collected a form for him. He is praying hard be4 making his decision known.
  • Yet another “Tan” may be entering the presidential race. He is Dr Ton Tan, ex Deputy Prime Minister and current SPH chairman, who was reported as saying that times will be hard ahead and the next president has to be someone who understands finance and how GIC and our other reserves are managed, and policy trade-offs. His comments are taken to suggest that he too may contest, prompting FakePMLee, a popular tweeterer, to call the presidential election the clash of the ti-Tans.

Since the list of presidential wannabes is lengthening, I might as well add one name that I would like to see in the ring.

He is none other than Prof Walter Woon, ex-Nominated MP, ex-Singapore ambassador to Germany and several European countries, ex-solicitor general and ex-attorney general. And currently he heads the Institute of Legal Education.

If Prof Woon does go for the presidency and wins, he will be the first Singapore president to have successfully introduced a private member’s bill in Parliament — the Maintenance of Parents Act — as well as knowing the laws and constitution like the back of his hand.

And unlike Mr Tan Kin Lian, Prof Woon will not have problems with protocol when dealing with foreign dignataries. He may live as simple a life as Mr KL but he’s well trained in diplomacy! 😆


9 thoughts on “Walter Woon for president?

  1. Well, to be fair, you need to put PAP for BG George Yeo and Dr Tony Tan. Or since they are going to be candidates, they have to resign from PAP and hence ex-PAP as well. As for Walter Woon, he did not last long as AG with speculation as to why he quit as AG.

  2. Walter Woon is listed as a consultant in the law firm of which Mrs George Yeo, Jennifer is the Chairman. If both he and George Yeo decides to contest, that will be very interesting. I think Tony Tan will make a great President.

  3. Sori Keng: having probs with Pacnet access n misunderstood yr msg at 1st… have removed yr email ID once I understood… Hugs!

  4. Haha, Wang, I read somewhere on the Net that someone has proposed the Lee brothers, who control OCBC! 😆

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