Really, really catty

As visitors to this blog would know, I don’t subscribe to the Straits Times and depend on what one of my nephews casts my way, after his family has done with the papers.

Then, I pore or flip over them as the spirit takes me and at any time I could be reading yesterday, last week’s, last month’s issues; or even those that are several months’ old.

Anyway this is a preamble to my catching up with an interview that Mr George Yeo gave to the media after he lost his seat in the Ajunied Group Representation constituency.

And guess what our ex-foreign minister — who is prayting for divine guidance on whether or not to stand for the upcoming presidential election in August — touched on in that interview?

Cat lovers! Yes, cat lovers 😆

In that apres defeat interview excerpted by the Straits Times of May 12, Uncle George said inter alia: “… when the campaign started, someone from the Cat Welfare Association e-mailed me to say, “Look can you speak up for us?” because in one of our residents’ committees, when cats were being culled and the residents appealed to me, we accommodated them in a modest way and they are grateful.

‘There are no votes in my constituency if I count only the cat lovers in my constituency. But as a group in Singapore, they are strong and they advocate the cause.”

And then lo and behold, fast-forward from that interview to June 3, what do we hear?

The new National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan has gone all gaga over cats. Writing in his blog yesterday, he said culling of stray cats in HDB estates shouldn’t be the way. He has asked the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) to review this practice.

He even roped in his Minister of State Tan Chuan-Jin to work with AVA, animal welfare groups and residents to ‘forge a compassionate and mature approach to this problem’.

The minister wrote his post after a Meet-the-People session, during which an elderly resident cried in front of him about her pet cat which, she claimed, had been picked up by AVA.

The next day AVA checked and said that the cat was not with them but they would look out for it and return it to her should it be sent to AVA.
Mr Khaw’s move, coming so soon after Mr Yeo’s cat-comment in May, suggests that great minds in the PAP pantheon think alike.

A more catty way of looking at this sudden confluence of minds is that  FXXLs never differ! Meow 👿


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