Mr Lui Tuck Yew: ERP next and…

follow that up with seeing how wonderfully — or abysmally — our hubs and nodes connect! And spare some think-time on our crazy COE auctions too!

This was what I thought when I read media reports that Mr Lui, the newly minted Minister for Transport, has been recently doing B and M ie bus-ing and taking the MRT.

It would be great if he could next walk and see for himself how badly connected Sg’s transport hubs are with their neighbouring buildings and malls.

For guidance, he might like to check out my post here. I’m not asking for exact replicas of what’s available in Hongkong. Just make our carparks, MRT stations, taxi and bus stops etc closer to what’s offered by ION and Marina Bay Financial Centre.

And after having finished with his BMW — bus, MRT, walk –the good minister might next like to get into his BMW — he doesn’t drive one 😉  —  and check out the ERP system which most of us believe is for keeping our roads as congestion free as possible, though unreasonable critics might ask what’s the point of having roads if they are to be kept empty.

I’m not an unreasonable critic but like Blur Ting, I’ve many quarrels with the way  ERP has been implemented. Indeed, if I have had my way and did a Teo Soh Lung (jest joking) I would have made ERP an election issue. BT on her part was surprised that General Election 2011  didn’t generate much, if any, discussion on ERP and COE!

Mayb not in the just over watershed election. But there’s always 2016, what! Unless Mr Lui manages somehow to pack up these grouses and put them out to sea in the fastest speedboat he can find 🙄


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