Mr Khaw Boon Wan: your HDB housing ramp up…

… for real or not?

  • 40,000 built-to-order flats, built ahead of the curve ie demand?
  • identifying sites in mature estates and planting new HDB blocks there?
  • ramping up the building of new rental flats by “tens of thousands”?

Are you thinking about hospital beds rather than high-rise housing units? Even then, adding some 40,000 beds plus “tens of thousands” more over just a few years is no mean feat leh! How much more when it comes to homes!

Still, I think Mr Khaw is on the right path — where numbers are concerned anyway — when he talks about “tens of thousands” more rental flats are needed, on top of the 45,000 units already available.

My observation is based on the fact that Dr Lily Neo — the singularly big-hearted PAP MP who makes it her political mission to look out for the underprivileged — as long ago as 2008 had suggested in Parliament that there were as many as 90,000 to 100,000 needy families in Singapore.

So if Mr Khaw does get those “tens of thousands” rental units built, that would more or less, with the existing stock of rental flats, provide a roof over the heads of the neediest in Singapore.

Thank goodness, Mr Khaw, unlike Dr Neo, won’t have parsimonious MCYS ministers (the real thing and the MOS)  challenging him on whether the generous provision of rental homes won’t erode work ethics, as both her nemeses have gone 😀

I certainly hope the new National Development Minister won’t get distracted from providing rental homes. Because that’s exactly what I think the HDB’s role is: provide public housing to the needy, not help wannabes chase their dream of being property owners when they have few beans in their pockets.

So, if our building industry can’t cope with the sudden upsurge in public sector building, I hope Mr Khaw would put BTOs on the back burner, not rental flats!


3 thoughts on “Mr Khaw Boon Wan: your HDB housing ramp up…

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  2. As Mr. Phillip Yeo rightly pointed out that PAP is now afraid of the people. As such populist policies can be expected in the coming months.

    Already, public housing has become so much cheaper because the land cost must have been reduced. Please remember that public land belongs to ALL Singaporeans and not solely to the group waiting for public housing as mentioned by MBT before.
    For the genuine ones, financial assistance can come in the form of interest free loan to be repaid from profits when resold. Many in this group are just waiting to reap the profits from subsequent resale of their flats.
    We should not forget that the poor, old and sick languishing in welfare homes are the ones who are much more deserving from the proceeds of the differential land costs than the educated vocal group of people who are waiting for public housing,
    I hope your ministry is not subsidizing both land and construction cost at the expense of all Singaporeans. The poor and destitute needs more subsidies than the educated lot.
    Priority is not only for the thousands who need public housing but the whole spectrum of society as we do not believe in what America is doing today, just print money when there’s no more in the coffer.

  3. Uncle Tay, not sure why you r writing to Mr KBW in my blog but I’ll let it go this time as I share yr sentiments. Garmen shld take care of the bottom 20% n let the other 80% find their own level!

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