Flushed with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

On Wednesday I went to the Great Singapore Sale preview for TANGS’ cardmembers with its by now fairly regular 12% rebate thrown in.

It’s been a while since I went to TANGS on days when member rebates doubled from the normal 6% to 12%.

When I entered the store I remembered why I had been giving the 12% rebate occasions a miss — the whole place was like a mad house with long snaking queues everywhere waiting to pay. 

Still I steeled myself as I needed perfume (actually eau de toilette) and cleansing creme. My daily use of these two items — an expensive habit formed decades ago when I lived in the UK and which I’ve been unable to unlearn despite having left that country almost a life-time ago — made it imperative that I replenish regularly.

And I tend to do that whenever TANGS gives its 12% discount, provided my stock of eau de toilette and cleansing creme are co-incidentally at a low level.

In recent years, however, I needn’t time my purchases so closely as the 12% rebate appears to be offered more frequently. So I tended to give that bait a miss whenever I remember the crowds, unless like May 25, when I was almost out of perfume!

If I thought the TANGS’ crowd stressful, I was in for another shock (or surprise) when today I drove from lunch at Level 33 at Marina Bay Financial Centre to Marina Bay Sands — not to gamble but to buy some Royce confectionary to present to a family member who is hosting lunch this coming Sunday for all the May babies in the family.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw a queue of cars waiting to get into the MBS carpark!

I should have wised up and not join the queue and instead go to anothe Royce outlet!

But I didn’t wise up because in all my two dozen visits to MBS, I’d never ever had problems getting into the carpark or my pick of parking lots. So I assumed it must be a small hiccup that would resolve quickly.

So I joined the queue of cars and inched my way into the carpark, a decision which I couldn’t reverse because once on the path descending into the carpark, there was no turning back!

Cursing and swearing mentally, and wasting some 20 minutes, I got in and got to Royce to make my purchase. And of course I had to pop into the casino to say hello, hello and then good bye, as I had other errands to run.

And guess what? Even after more than an hour after entering, there was still a queue of cars waiting to get into MBS.

What the shopping crowd at TANGS and the car queue at MBS tell me is this: residents and visitors to Sg have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to burn! Which is not a bad thing, provided one doesn’t mind the crowds! 🙄

2 thoughts on “Flushed with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  1. And everybody was complaining about the high cost of living during the elections and seems like once that is over, it is no longer an issue?

  2. Hi Tekko, actually most people in Sg have some money; even the most seemingly impoverished. The heartbreaking part is that the latter group is hanging onto their “coffin money” instead of giving themselves a gd feed. That’s why, MCYS PA assistance qualifier stipulating that potential beneficiaries must have no more than $2K of savings leaves many starving oldies out in the cold. 😦

    Of cos, those who go shop or casino are usually much better off.

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